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Wanna write for a new videogame blog/site?

<p>Hello, all. It's been a while since I posted here, but that's because I have been busy co-creating the awesome new video gaming site glitchytasty.com. We launched about a month ago, and things have been going great! We've given awa...


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Ever since I was young, I've always been intrigued by video games. To me, though, it went far beyond the entertainment value. I pondered their creation; I studied and exposed every flaw, every piece of information I could find; and I tried to dissect every game I owned as much as possible. Flash forward a few hundred years, and here I am, with a B.S. in Game Art and Design in one hand, and a penchant for writing in the other. I also enjoy teaching, reading, and finding awesome deals on electronics. After my stint with gamesabyss (and my subsequent E3 trips), I teamed up with Ryan F. and co-created GlitchyTasty.com!
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