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Fate intervened and I got paid while the Turbo Grafix 16 mini was available on amazon. I'm pretty hyped for Soldier Blade, Blazing Lazers, Air Zonk, Spriggan, Super Darius, Salamander and all the other gorgeous shmups on it.


I'm really enjoying Captain Tsubasa so far. I love arcade-style games and it is extremely arcadey. I've basically been smashing into defenders and there are no fouls. It's a super fun, stupid game. I'm hyped for Hotshot Racing for arcade racing soon too.


What are you playing? I'm working Fri/Sat so posting here. I'm playing: Captain Tsubasa (tomorrow), Jet Lancer, Aka to Blue, and Deathsmiles. Reading: The Expectant Father (!) Listening: Malibu Ken (thanks RiffRaff!), Posij Have a great weekend Dtoid!


Ikaruga designed shirt came in today. :)


What are you playing? I have to work over the weekend *pukes* but I should make up for it w/ more hiking. Playing: Rolling Gunner, Battle Garegga Rev.2016, Panzer Paladin, and TLoU II. Listening: Thys, Squarepusher. Have a great weekend Dtoid!


To import ESP Ra. De. or not? Leaning towards the former just need to wait a week for $$$.


Rolling Gunner is an amazing shmup! Directed by Koizumi Daisuke (former CAVE employee) of Dondonpachi fame. It's a horizontal shooter with a modular unit that is constantly firing with your ship (you can rotate it in 360 degrees). This game is pure love.


I wanted to share one of my favorite tunes ever. Have a good Saturday! :)


Questions about FF Crystal Chronicles Remastered on Switch - (Japanese) Physical version on Play-Asia: Does anyone know if this version has english language? Also, would online play work fine in North America region with other NA players? Thank you!!!


Impressions of Fitness Boxing for the Switch (it is currently on sale for 34.99 until 6/16): DDR of punching. Good cardio workout with boxing posture. Terrible top 40's music and blah presentation. Will play again and would recommend at current price.


Hi DToid! I'm Prefect. I love the Saturday morning post of what everyone is playing and I wanted to be involved! I'm currently playing Ring Fit Adventure, Bug Fables, and Streets of Rage 4. I got Xenoblade Chronicles DE coming in the mail this week too.


About fordPrefectone of us since 9:51 PM on 06.01.2020

My most favorite games:
Burnout 3: Takedown
Esprade Psi
Radiant Silvergun
Ring Fit Adventure
Shin Megami Tensei series

Looking forward to:
Super Mario 3D All Stars
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Please port Risk System to Switch :)
Cyberpunk 2077
SMT: Nocturne HD

I love music. I love Noisia and am a devoted fan of their weekly show Noisia Radio. If you are interested in new drum n' bass music I highly recommend it. Here are some musical people that I love:

Aphex Twin
A Tribe Called Quest
Boards of Canada
Desmond Dekker
John Coltrane
Shy FX/45 Roller
The Specials
Thys (of Noisia)
Toots & The Maytals

I love reading. A few of my favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut, Tamsyn Muir, and Neil Gaiman.
I also love writing and am currently working on my own sci-fi story.