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Playing (read: buying) my way through Rusty's Real Deal Baseball on 3DS due to potential FOMO that the eShop will disappear is my peak Nintendo fanboyism


Playing Shantae for first time. Platforming can be tedious at times, but God damn, it's got charm!


With the reports of all these games dropping off from the eShop, impulse bought Pokemon Crystal for no fucking reason. Haven't played a Pokemon game since Red/Blue in the mid-00's, don't plan to play this one. What is wrong with me?


Not a lawyer or well-versed in politics, but hot take: If you're a cabinet member mad enough to resign now, you're taking the easy way out. stick around to help ensure the 25th amendment goes through


Yup... you guessed it. First game beat in 2021? My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Big fan of titles with 2 colons


Gave my brother my Switch while he's quarantined due to his roommate NOT TELLING him he was COVID+ before my bro came home after staying at my parents' for the holidays. Fuck that roommate. On the plus side I get to reacquaint myself with my 3DS


Happy New Year! Putting games I played for the first time this past year in the comments below and ranking them... cuz I hear that's what we do this time of year!


Joining in the fun. Mainly lots of Mario's Super Picross, Panel de Pon, and DKC for the SNES app.


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