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And with that, I'm finally bidding farewell to Celeste. Might pop in here and there to play a few levels, but I think I've died enough


I love watching clips of Celeste of things I've already beaten just to go, "Holy Shit... how did I do that?!" Any other games that people do this for?


And that's Sonic '91 in the books for me for the first time. Somehow, for having never playing this game til today, I got nostalgic playing Green Hill Zone. Truly a magical level... but my interest slowly petered out from there. Thoughts in comments


I know for the more tech literate, this isn't a big deal, but damn, playing (albeit streaming via the GamePass Cloud) Banjo Kazooie on my laptop with my Joy Cons is the great reward for far too much effort!... and it plays kinda just ok :/


Something I noticed during the Nintendo E3 direct and the FP article on Skyward Sword: it seems like button only controls will only be for handheld mode?! I can't procontroller on the TV?


Never have I been more ok to have a delay in MP4


My worst fear: "Hello. It's me, Eiji Aonuma. You probably want me to talk about the sequel to Breath of the Wild... you probably also want to hear about some other games like Metroid Prime 4, the Pikmin franchise, and anything not Splatoon 3 related..."


Control is free on EGS! I shall now promptly download it where it will rot alongside the rest of my EGS freebie collection.


Is it safe to update my Switch now? Any thoughts?


As a teen making myth movies for Latin class, I always dreamed of setting a fight scene to the guitar solo of "Free Bird." So when I saw this, my life was made. #BestFightSceneEverToid


Looking to pick up Puyo-Puyo Tetris for my wife who loves falling block games (FWIW she gives a big thumbs up to Magical Drop II which released on SNES online this week). Any insight as to whether PuyoPuyo-Tetris 2 is to be preferred to the first one?


Never try to rent a co-op apartment in NYC. These people know more about me in my application than the CIA


Is Pokemon G/S generally thought to be harder than R/B? Or do I just suck? I've only played Blue/Yellow and that was 10+ years ago, but playing through Crystal now and am getting smoked by my rival on the 2nd encounter!


It's been a while since Nintendo's updated the NES/SNES Online service, but I've been feeling pretty good lately so can handle the disappointment.


Almost at the end of Link's Awakening DX and have a legitimate question: what differentiates a Zelda game from a Metroidvania?


Mission accomplished! Feel free to check out some ramblings in the c-blogs... or not! Just happy to have created something after a few weeks of bleh.


Mole Mania: The Great Lost Nintendo Game

Here's a question: why in Super Smash Bros. Brawl does Captain Olimar get to commit Pikmin genocide in his fight against Solid Snake while Chibi-Robo (seen below) can't free himself from his coin-shaped prison?     Let the d...


I feel like day one of Pac-99 is my only chance to get first and even still im fucking up


I know nothing about game design, but I'm pretty sure the entirety of Super Mario Land was made in 20 minutes. Cute game. 7/10


Is it just me or do other people think that Super Mario Bros 2 (USA)'s controls just feel like Mario and crew lathered themselves in butter and every level is secretly an ice level.


Complain enough to your friends about wanting a decent D-pad for your Switch, eventually someone just wants you to shut the fuck up. I love friendship


Every 4 days for the last forever, I contemplate whining on here about the death of the Virtual Console. I end up deleting it cuz y'all already know it sucks ass. But the situation with Sunshine makes me mad -- I just want to affordably play Pikmin 2


While I'm still skeptical of the pricing when compared to other VNs, Nintendo's announced that buying both of the Famicom Mystery games knocks the price down to $60 total instead of $70 total (but if you only buy one, it's still $35).


Get $15 back on my credit card. Looks to buy game. Oh wow! Bioshock's on sale - never played that. Oh wow! FFIX on sale - never played that. Who knows what critically acclaimed masterpie- nope, just bid on Detective Pikachu.


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