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Firstly, I want to apologise for the long gap in reviews, I just wasn't feeling up to it and didn't want to post something my heart wasn't in. Sadly I feel that was the case anyway just because of the game I chose. Anyway next up, Odin Sphere.


Mindseize Review

This reviews probably going to turn out shorter than usual, if only because there's really very little I feel I could possibly say about Mindseize.  I can't in good conscience say that its a bad game as honestly I havn't played ve...


Although I'd said Odin Sphere would be the next review after Hades I can't quite justify buying it at the moment so I'll be reviewing Mindseize instead, a metroidvania I picked up a while back and never got round to playing.


Hades Review

I held off on playing Hades for a while, as I generally prefer to wait until a game has had a full release before I play it, as I find that if it's not great it can sour me to the finished product, that being said, the fact that an ear...


Out of curiosity, what's a game that you know is bad, for whatever reason, but is still one of you're favourites?


And next up for review is... *drumroll* Hades! Thanks this time to RiffRaff for the recommendation. After that I think it's going to be Odin Sphere, which I haven't played any of yet but am liking the look of, thans to Exber for that one.


Hey. I'm thinking I'll take a short break from the Souls-likes, much as I enjoy them, I don't want to get stuck on doing only one sort of thing. I'm open to recommendations again, preferably indies and lesser known games. Thanks for any and all feedback.


Dark Devotion Review

I want to say first that I'm glad I finally gave Dark Devotion a proper chance, its a 2D, souls-like, roguelike with some metroidvania elements to it. I tried it a while back and bounced right off, due to finding the controls awkward a...


I've decided Dark Devotion will be my next review. I want to get as far through the game as I can before I write up my review, so it'll be a few days until its up. Thanks to house4lyfe for the recommendation, I'm glad I've given the game a proper chance.


I'm wanting to do something a little different for the next review but I'm not sure what, any recommendations would be really appreciated.


Deaths Gambit Review

I like to keep an eye on both souls-likes and metroidvanias, so when a mix of the two comes along, especialy after the brilliant Hollow Knight, I'm inevitably going to put some time into checking it out. While most of these have failed...


Next up for a review will be Deaths Gambit, a 2D Soulslike I've been really enjoying.


Fade to Silence Review

I'll might admit right away that I've had a strange time with Fade to Silence. A lot of ups and downs. Its the sort of game I feel I should really enjoy, and did for the first while at least. It's your usual post-apocalyse survival cra...


So the next thing I'm planing on reviewing is probably the survival game Fade to Silence. Please share any thoughts on that or any games you feel I might enjoy given that and my last review.


I'm an aspiring game reviewer/journalist type thing wanting feedback on my style and/or delivery. So please offer any feedback.


Genesis Alpha One Review

So I imagine a lot of you have probaly heard the jokes about how, in Star Trek, apparently the various captians cant deligate a single fucking job and have to do everything they're bloody self. Thats sort of how it feels playing Genesi...


About RoodadooReviewone of us since 1:27 PM on 05.10.2020

So I'm wanting to get into game reviewing, and thought a good start would be to post a few here, and see if i could get any feedback or advice that would help me polish up what I hope to one day call my craft, at least before I pitch anything to an editor. I hope do something that's a bit less dry than a lot off common reviews I've read, which is why I figured testing the waters here would be the safest bet . So I welcome criticisms, preferably constructive but whatever, and wish me luck.