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My favorite part of yesterday's hijinks was Slimeybear posting as me and then upvoting his own comments. And also editing what I actually did write adding deez nutz everywhere with trademark typos. Truly depraved, reprehensible behavior. Love it.


Half-Life 1 is 15% shooting things and 85% that time I got lost in the mall when I was 9. I should like it less than its sequels but somehow it's still my favorite of the bunch. Guess I prefer its b-movie horror camp to 2's bleak grimness.


How about a Bloodborne Netflix animated show so we can finally get a decent remaster going? #hopetoid


I really want Calisto Protocol to be good but it kinda looks like off-brand Dead Space with the crouching animation and crafting of Last of Us. Also bread because this is what we are now and I've submitted to the wheat of the masses.


Playing MegaMan Zero for the first time in 20 years. I forgot how dark and oppressive the series was. And evil. The first one? Passed Hard right by, straight to Evil Bullshit. If the 1st boss keeps destroying me I may just play on Pampered Baby Mode.


Finished XBC3's Chapter 5 (with a bit of 6). Even if the rest of the game is dogshit this is still firmly cemented as one of my favorite games this year. Current status:


I wonder if during the development of Xenoblade 3 Monolith Soft noticed that they gave everyone abnormally large foreheads under all of those bangs. Some of them have their ears down to their chins but the heads just keep going up.


So what would be a good way to go through Xenoblade 3 without overlevelling the main quest? I'm at chapter 3, lvl 26 and the last boss I fought was lvl 24 and a good challenge. What side content would be best left for post-game/NG+?


XBC2: Torna felt like karmic retribution for all the side content I ignored in the base game. Oh well, I guess the real Golden Country was the friends we made along the way. Whoops.


Is Sakurai not going to stop until his channel has as much videos as there are characters in SSBU? This man is a treasure.


I was hyped for Death Stranding before release with no idea how it actually played. Since it came out a slow paced, self indulgent hiking sim I've been waiting for the right mood which never comes. Ever had a game's hype bubble burst completely like that?


So Sony's gaming IPs are being killed off and revived as movies. Is that the industry equivalent of a zombie? Is the PS6 going to be a TV app? That has to be some executive's wet dream. Pic unrelated.


A week off work and terrible sleeping habits mean I finished Xenoblade 2. In the comments are overly in-depth thoughts on a game everyone already made up their mind over 5 years ago.


Xenoblade 2 chronicle: Spirit Crucible Elpys can get fucked, but oh man what a scene. For all the anime tropes these games throw around they sure know how to set up a reveal. Kinda wish I'd done more quests earlier because by now the story's flying.


I wonder, what was the most hyped game on qtoid? The one game no one could shut up about? Did something top the first month of Elden Ring? Or the Metroid Dread launch weekend?


I'm 0 for 5 on teaching positions for next year. It sucks because I enjoy teaching and I like getting payed for it. But it's also a good time to learn that it's part of the business and not always about me. Have a great day everyone. XBC2 meme unrelated.


Happy celebration day to all the cats and their pets.


16 hours into XBC2 and I am enjoying it a lot, but it's good that I was aware of its issues. Some are overblown (it's not THAT horny), but others are fairly accurate (those tutorials..). But how can anyone not like the dub? It's great innit guv'ner?


Finished XBC2 Chapter 2. Current "ULTRA powerful?!" status:


Glad to see everyone's enjoying XBC3! Finally got my copy of 2, and I played through the first chapter (liked it!). Will I manage to describe each chapter using an unrelated meme from another JRPG? Unclear, but I'll give it a shot. Chapter 1 status:


Been having a lot of trouble sleeping, so I'll find myself trying to get calm via YT stupidity. It took 1.5 "critique" videos on Thor L&R to get to "THEY PUT WOMEN IN IT!!! AND THE MEN ARE GOOFY!!! ALSO THE ROCKS ARE NOW GAY??? 0/10". Pic unrelated?


Thank God It's Chronolynx! Happy birthday buddy, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful celebration.


Well shit, the Andor trailer feels like D+ will finally be getting something that looks like it came from the world's biggest studio owning one of cinema's biggest IPs.


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