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I've barely kept up with Disney's Star Wars but a Boba Fett show is where I officially check out. It feels like the kids who grew up playing with Star Wars toys are now telling stories about how much they loved their toys.


So I know that the Switch is underpowered and the Steam Deck is nearly here, but playing Astral Chain in handheld mode is a real "next-gen moment" for me. An action-adventure game with that much density of detail and depth, on such a teeny, tiny machine.


3 hours in and Astral Chain is peak "anything goes" game design. The only rule seems to have been "is it fun and/or funny?". And you know what? I am totally here for it. It also looks incredible and has great music to boot. Pic unrelated.


Hey internet, please stop throwing around the words "remake" and "remaster" when talking about Chrono Cross, as if they mean the same thing. One is a day one purchase. The other is a 10$ maybe. Stop getting my hopes up.


Had a pretty good BF haul: Dragon Quest XI (PS4) & Astral Chain for 20$ & 26$ on Amazon, along with Tetris Effect: Connected and It Takes Two for 15$ and 24$ via PSN. DQXI is gonna sit for a while, but would AC be a good refresher between SMT sessions?


Ten hours into SMT V, and I too have discovered the wonder that is playing JRPGs in portable mode. It really will be hard to go back. And if anyone's interested, seems like Amazon are about to get some stock of the Steelbook edition soon.


Happy (belated?) birthday, Zoey! I love reading your stuff and hope you had an awesome B-Day!


SMT V is absolutely an addicting stats tinkering machine, but damn the UI/UX isn't good. Menus demand way too many button presses to access information and the whole thing looks blunt, like a mobile game, especially in combat. Otherwise, game is lit yo


So a new Spider-Man trailer is dropping today, and that's exciting! I may be a bit too stingy on spoilers here but I think it would be really appreciated if folks refrained from posting any new reveals outside of a comments section spoiler tags. Cheers!


Alright, finally got started with SMT V! I'm playing the same game as you, guys! Wait, what? Everyone's playing Halo now? Oh... Poop. 4 days is a lot of time on the internet, I guess...


Happy surprise Halo day to everyone on Xbox and PC! It's fun seeing everyone get excited together


Beat Bayonetta 2, and had a blast doing it! That's despite sucking terribly at it. I'm not used to dial-a-combo systems, and dodge offsets are too much for my brain to process in a first playthrough. I felt old while also feeling like a kid, so good game.


Watch out! It's a shameless "got the thing!" QPost. But what thing(s)?


So Elden Ring is an open-world From Software game? Sounds like Dark Souls but with more steps.


I hate 100%-ing games. I love beating them, sure, and I'll stick around for some post-game challenges and secret hunting, but I like leaving my games with the feeling that there are still some mysteries waiting to be uncovered if I ever decide to go back.


Guardians of the Galaxy log #2: this game may be my biggest surprise of the year. It's so, so well characterized and dense with detail. The atmosphere... I want to reach out and touch it. The tasteful thickn... uh, it's really well-crafted, is what I mean


Sorry Persona 5 Royal, we had a good 60 hours but it's not working out.


Happy birthday DeScruff! I hope you have a good one and an awesome year following it!


I don't know you too well (yet), Moyse, but your kindnees shines through everything you do. Thank you for all of the hard work done for this community, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays and only the best of times.


Just got back from Eternals, or as I like to refer to it, Marvel's First DC Movie. So little payoff for a movie that's longer than Dune and yet 3 times the expository dialogue. Also, worst Marvel villain by a country mile, and overall weak characters.


My brother gifted me a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy, which was a really cool way to end a shitty and depressing day, very nice of him to do that. To spread the joy (maybe?), some non-spoilery thoughts on where it meets my weird gaming fetishes.


Acclimating to a new university is much rougher than I had anticipated and it's getting me down. What isn't getting me down is all of you lovely folks. I love this community and all of for being part of it. Have an awesome November you amoral deviants.


How is Star Ocean still a thing, yet there hasn't been a new Chrono game since before Playstations went by numbers? Is this out of spite, Square Enix?


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