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Play Time Issue #2: The Outer Worlds

I wanna be a (space) cowboy, baby…   Obsidian’s latest is an unreserved hidden gem. A strange thing to say about a game from the developers behind some of the 21stcentury’s most beloved western RPGs – Fal...


Just finished The Outer Worlds - an absolute gem and glad I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Should I write a review or an analysis of possible PS5 launch window titles, or both? 🧐 what would you guys prefer to read?


Square Enix anthology on pc looks insane value for money including, amongst many other things, the entire Deus Ex franchise, all for 39 dollars. Great excuse to play the original Deus Ex.


The Games That Broke Me

There is a corner in all of our minds where the most unpleasant memories are preserved, waiting to rear their ugly heads at seemingly random times to make us cringe. For example, I can never forget the embarrassment I felt when, in a p...


Bouncing off Divinity: OS2 HARD - so many unexplained choices I have to consult a guide before I even get out of char creation, looks built for windows 98 and the game is slow AF 😴. Nw it takes 100 hours 30 mins to cross a room. Am I crazy?


My boy Zidane sat in a bar listening to Juice WRLD getting himself all twisted over the world’s first qilf. The silver lining in all this? I got 99 problems but at least my queen ain’t one. #glasshalffull #perspective 😂. Show love to your queen ✌


Anyone else question how the TLoU2’s ‘indefinite’ delay managed to become 2 weeks as soon as profit-threatening spoilers got leaked all over the internet... hmmmm


Let's Play Top 10's

  We all love top 10s, don't we? Let's have a nostalgia-fuelled discussion! In terms of criteria I've weighted replay value most heavily - it's hard to leave a game off my list if I've played it repeatedly or sunk hundreds of hou...


What’s with the follow system on here? Keep trying to follow peeps but it never seems to save down... 🤷‍♂️


MGSV Chapter 2 is hella lazy, and the game is too long. Not the game we deserved, but it's the one we need right now! Lockdown is the perfect time to finish it so I finally saw the true ending and Quiet's tragic fate. Shame we'll now never get MGS remake.


"Nomura's Theme" plays and the screen fades to black... FFVII Remake ending thoughts?


Hi all - newb here... Is it possible to copy and paste from word documents here? I have written a long blog on FFVII remake that I'd like to share but it is in word format.


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