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Will Smith is an actor I mostly remember thanks to In the pursuit of happyness or Men in Black. However, his latest film: King Richard is yet another film worth remembering him for. Already an award favorite, this performance alongside the movie are gold.


Guys, we made it this far. Let's cherish the good and reflect on the hardships we may have endured this passing year. So glad we can vent and more importantly, find support in our times of need.


As a tradition since 2011, my awards are ready to be published. Not longer calling them retro as the games you see in the image were released in the 2010s with the exception of Metroid Dread. Will be sharing them daily on social media and here on Dec 30th


It never crossed my mind I would watch something related to League of Legends as I know nothing about it but, after watching the anime adaptation of TWEWY and being disappointed, I needed a better adaptation. Arcane, on the other hand, delivered greatly.


Hey guys, happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for your presence over here and love for what you do💚


For quite some days now I have been falling sleep after teaching in the mornings, which is odd. Maybe it's my body asking for vacations. Just two more weeks.


Having replayed 1080 Avalanche not only brought back good memories but also joy. Those 60 frames per second of pure racing fun... Wow. Now if only a GameCube virtual console existed, this and many more games would be enjoyed by a new generation.


Appreciation double post: if you love cinema, touching stories, musicals, and strong performances go watch 'Tick, Tick... BOOM'. Alongside 'Inside' and 'Coda' this is of the best I have seen this year.


Borrowing games never gets old. I also got Punch Out for Wii and Rule of Rose for PS2.


Been kinda busy, but I'm taking the time to share that this guy that I'm seeing and I got to beat Resident Evil 5 co op. It was a hell of a ride. Revelations 2 is next.


Mandatory double post: Happy 21st anniversary, Skies of Arcadia 💚


I have been given the chance to play Just Dance 2022. I am happy. That is all.


Looking through my games I remembered that I haven't shared here the ones I've replayed since Klonoa. List goes: Tekken 3 - Metal Gear Solid - Parasite Eve 1,2 and 3rd birthday - Silent Hill 4 - Megaman Legends and, GoldenEye 007 on the 64. Great replays.


Finished watching Invincible. All of the memes have been understood. But in all seriousness, this show is brutal. Easily top 3 this year. Thanks you guys for the recommendation way back and for all those memes as well.


Playing this for Halloween💚Beaten yet again. As a kid this game used to give me nightmares and playing it at night was impossible. Now I appreciate it for what it is and for trying something new within the Silent Hill series. That credits songs: love i


Happy Birthday Chris Moyse! No matter if I haven't interected with you, you sure have with us when you send those good vibes even when you feel down. That fact alone is to be appreciated. Man, you deserve the best. Have a good one. Thanks for everything.


Guys, I'll be going on a date and playing games for the first time with a guy I have been texting with. It took me a while to trust in someone else. Wish me luck. BUMP: it all went well.


My first 360 game. For those who took the time to write some recommendations, thank you.


I took the plunge and gifted me with a Christmas present right away. Last time I played anything Xbox was a borrowed Xbox classic but now that I own a 360, Halo, Fable and other games await. This controller layout is comfortable. Got any recommendations?


And that's A Boy And His Blob beaten. The art style goes hand in hand with the innocence of these two characters. This made me feel like when I was a kid with no worries and was able to humbly enjoy games. BUMP: Review is up.


Review: A Boy And His Blob

Being a platformer fan since I gave the Super Mario games a chance, to be in the lookout for good old games within this genre can deliver some surprises. Such is the case with A Boy And His Blob. Now this game doesn't try to reinvent ...


To see my students get so happy and grateful after nailing their English exams means everything to me. "Look teacher, who didn't have many corrections?" This is the best kind of payment they can give me.


Tearing up after beating a game is a heartfelt experience I always enjoy. Thanks, Metroid Dread for being a good son of Fusion and Samus Returns. Loved it.


A friend of a friend rented me his Switch for the weekend and that could only mean one thing: Metroid Dread. I am still speechless while enjoying this piece of art. Sorry for the picture quality, I was shacking at the moment.


For anyone who follows Titans, season 3 ended today. Watching the new episodes as they were released prompted me to subscribe to HBOmax, and it was worth it. Marvel or not, this is a good drama show involving super heroes with neat character development.


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I guess these would be considered as my stats, so here I go:

I'm Exber, not related to my name by any means. I'm from Venezuela and I'm an English Teacher.

I have been playing video games since I was 4 years old. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 are among my first gaming memories.

Console gamer for the love of everything retro. I play on PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, 3DS, DS, GBA.

Resident Evil and Persona share the spot as my favorite gaming series. Following this, here are my favorite games per year along with the runner ups:

2006: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

2007: Resident Evil 2

2008: Persona 4
Runner Up: Resident Evil 4

2010: Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Runner Up: Final Fantasy XII

2011: Radiant Historia
Runner Up: Okami

2012: Klonoa Door to Phantomile
Runner Up: Tomb Raider Anniversary

2013: Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented
Runner Up: Silent Hill 4

2014: Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
Runner Up: Resident Evil Zero

2015: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Runner Up: Final Fantasy IV

2016: Final Fantasy IX
Runner Up: A Link Between World

2017: Persona 5
Runner Up: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

2018: Skies of Arcadia Legends
Runner Up: Zelda Spirit Tracks

2019: Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth
Runner Up: Ghost Trick

2020: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Runner Up: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

I try to learn the most I can with every video game, thus my Retro GOTY winners won a place in me. Best examples are Persona 4 (2008) and Final Fantasy IX (2016)

GameSpot and GameInformer were the sites that granted me the opportunity to blog prior to coming here. Good times.

I'm currently 27 years old. Come May 10th and I'll level up.

Favorite color: green.

Favorite number: 4.

Favorite video game genre: Survival Horror. RPGs come second.

Favorite movie: 13 going on 30.

Favorite game of all time: Persona 4.

And, that's about it for now.