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Thanks to everyone here who mentioned the musical film Hamilton. Wonderful 160 minutes spent watching it.


Watched Ju-On Origins. A return to form after whatever The Grudge (2020) even was.


2008: my family saw my interest in the English language and suggested to purse language education. 2017: this pic was taken after 5 years of college. Glad to have followed my career choice since the beginning.


This achieves a decade today. Back then I could only dream on playing this. Come 2020, I finally could. I am now decided to buy an used VITA for P4 Golden on the go, other exclusives, ports and especially: indies.


Silent Bomber replay: completed. My left thumb kinda hurts after that final level.


Wanting to write a blog about goty runner ups, I found this in my blogs notes and reposted it over here. I have yet to feel this much with a video game to write a poem of the sort again.


Question: To buy an used PS Vita or keep saving for a Switch? This offer just popped out and it's tempting. I know that the Switch offers more but I really want to remote play from my PS3.


Dino Crisis 2 replay: complete. One day I'll play Dino Crisis 3 to see what happened with the series but the first two entries are worth playing every time.


With only one TV and everyone at home these days it's hard to play on home consoles. When I have the chance, however, it's MGS5 time. In love with this game.


Next game to beat in co op: Left 4 Dead. It all started with Minecraft (which I used to hate as I didn't understand it) and now this. PC gaming, I haven't forgotten about you.


Retro Goty Awards 2019 blog is up. Finally, I can fully focus on the games I'll be beating out of my backlog this year to ultimately prepare this year's retro awards.


My Retro GOTY Awards 2019

As June draws to a close I am putting an end to that one blog I have been wanting to publish since December 2019. A month ago I wrote the corresponding awards for 2018 and that felt amazing. To write the games I played during a year an...


Playing online granted me that 4th star I'd been craving.


Crash replay: done. Got a new play plan besides clearing my backlog, yay. 100+ games to replay someday, somehow.


From alpha to demo and beyond There's joy in store We can co op more A new dream I hope for💚Happy Pride, everyone💚


Gonna enjoy this replay.


Dino Crisis replay #? Done. Shinji Mikami is a genius. On to getting the other 2 endings with the climax savefile.


Having to wait for medical tests results is not easy. I'm not scared, I am just blocked... Edit: I went to pick them up: I am free of infection.


Shared a blog of my experience with games for the second quarter of 2020.


Exber's 2020 Gaming Second Quarter Report

It all has come down to this: most of us playing video games and clearing our ever-growing backlogs as working is a hit and miss for some. This Second quarter encloses those games I got to beat from April to June, and while I could ha...


Watched 'Dating Amber'. 2020 may not have had many movies to choose from but the few one we have got are worth the shot.


Timeless video. Happy father's day👊🏼


Why am I such a masochist? Fear Effect 2 may be the last game I beat even If I don't like it. I gave it a chance, though.


And that's Kirby Canvas Curse beaten. 3/5. The final battle was thrilling as staple in the series. Now to beat Fear Effect 2.


About Exberone of us since 7:47 PM on 04.07.2020

I guess these would be considered as my stats, so here I go:

I'm Exber, not related to my name by any means. I'm from Venezuela and I'm an English Teacher.

I have been playing video games since I was 4 years old. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 are among my first gaming memories.

Console gamer. I play on PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, 3DS, DS, and many retro systems. However, PC is not out of the picture.

Resident Evil and Persona share the spot as my favorite gaming series. Following this, here are my favorite games per year:

2006: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

2007: Resident Evil 2

2008: Persona 4
Runner Up: Resident Evil 4

2010: Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Runner Up: Final Fantasy XII

2011: Radiant Historia
Runner Up: Okami

2012: Klonoa Door to Phantomile
Runner Up: Tomb Raider Anniversary

2013: Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented
Runner Up: Silent Hill 4

2014: Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
Runner Up: Resident Evil Zero

2015: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Runner Up: Final Fantasy IV

2016: Final Fantasy IX
Runner Up: A Link Between World

2017: Persona 5
Runner Up: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

2018: Skies of Arcadia Legends
Runner Up: Zelda Spirit Tracks

2019: Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth
Runner Up: Ghost Trick

I try to learn the most I can with every video game, thus my Retro GOTY winners won a place in me. Best examples are Persona 4 (2008) and Final Fantasy IX (2016)

GameSpot and GameInformer were the sites that granted me the opportunity to blog prior to coming here. Good times.

I'm currently 26 years old. Come May 10th and I'll level up.

Favorite color: green.

Favorite number: 4.

Favorite video game genre: Survival Horror. RPGs come second.

Favorite movie: 13 going to 30.

Favorite game of all time: Persona 4.

And, that's about it for now.