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I give you Kotaro and Hana. Breathe in that positive energy.


The biggest controversy of 2020.


If I could add one thing to Cyberpunk it would be the ability to play as Spider Man. I always find myself looking up and staring at the buildings when I`m walking around. Imagine if you could actually climb those buildings like Assassins Creed.


A lot of weird spam showing up in the comments. Spam bot #1: Posts a random link. Spam bot #2: Nice. Bot #3: I advice. Bot #4: Thanks. Me: WTF?


Got the Gamecube version of Phantasy Star Online up and running on Dolphin. I may never need to buy another game for as long as I live. Turns out this game is just as good as I remember. Think I`ll play it for a few thousand hours.


Just got my Dreamcast emulator up and running. (Well, sort of.) Never got around to playing Blue Stinger on Dreamcast so that`s what I`m playing first. Only about 15 minutes in. That voice acting is so bad I love it. Could be my game of the year.


Does Cyberpunk not have an option to reduce the number of on-screen NPC`s? The Witcher 3 had that option. If it does I can`t seem to find it. I just made it to a crowded area with a ridiculous amount of people walking around and it`s murdering my CPU.


Selftoid. Also first time dtoiding on a phone. I think I did something wrong.


To drink or not to drink? That is the question. With Cyberpunk coming out in a few days I haven`t decided if I want to drink while playing it or perhaps the game would be more enjoyable if I remain sober. Do you drink when big games release?


#hangovertoid It`s actually not that bad. When it comes to drinking I have surprising discipline and self control. I`ll be spending most of the day playing Diablo 3 and watching cute animal videos on youtube.


Man, I love wearing underwear. I`m 36 and have always worn shorts under my shorts. I`m talking about basket ball shorts under my cut off Jnco shorts. Bought some high quality underwear a few months ago and their`s no going back. So warm and comfy. Love it


Yes! Finally got Battle.net and Diablo 3 up and running on PC. Not only that but I`m adapting to the mouse and keyboard controls. Normally any game that doesn`t have controller support is a no go. But this game has an interesting control scheme.


Anyone else ever have problems with signing into Battle.net? I created a new account for the first time, downloaded/installed the launcher, it asks me to sign in, then it says "Incorrect password". I just created this Password. It`s not incorrect.


Anyone know why Gears of War 2,3, and Judgement are not on PC Gamepass? I feel like playing them. Since I`m here, how about an unpopular opinion? Gears Judgement isn`t a bad game. Not as good as the first three but still a fun game. Better than 4 and 5.


The day has finally come. Nioh 2 is coming to PC (Steam) on February 5th. Let`s do this.


You ever laugh so hard you cry? I`m doing that right now. I`ve spent the day watching someone called "Ozzy Man Reviews" on youtube. I can`t decide which one of his videos to post. They`re all funny. Guess I`ll go with this one.


I`m probably 10 years late to this party but I just discovered Oblivion NPC dialogue videos on youtube. Ha ha. This will keep me busy for a few hours.


Pro tip: If you ever decide to go on an intense 2 hour bike ride DO NOT eat a box of Zebra cakes right before you leave. I just got home and I`m feeling the consequences of my decision. I don`t know if I`m going to survive this. Lesson learned.


Has anyone else noticed all of the situationally appropriate Trump gifs? I had no idea their were this many. I feel like I just made a huge discovery. If you got any funny Trump gifs or memes feel free to post them here. Biden gifs and memes are good to.


I hope the developers of the next Mass Effect watch this and use it as inspiration.


Do we have a forum dedicated to PC gaming yet? I`ve only been a PC gamer for about 2 years and I have a lot of questions. Would be nice if we had a dedicated place where we could ask questions and share tips and tricks. I know I could learn a lot.


Good morning Destructoid. Looks like the votes are still being counted. Guess we`ll find out who won some time later today. I`m gonna play some Nioh 1. Currently helping a friend through the abyss. On floor 970. Almost there.


I`m going to bed. Good night Destructoid.


Just bought a game called Grim Dawn on PC (Steam). I`m having a technical problem. The menus and text are tiny. I mean microscopic. Unplayable. Checked the options and couldn`t fix it. Had to refund it but may rebuy if an easy solution can be found. Help?


Is their a reason Dragons Crown isn`t on PC? I`m in the mood to play it again but I no longer have a PS4. I checked Steam and GoG but didn`t see it. (Am I using the right "their"? I think I am but it looks weird to me for some reason.)


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