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Did anybody else watch this? I didn`t know anything about Kanye West before watching this interview other than he makes music and is running for president. I`d say it`s one of Rogans more interesting interviews. Obligatory: I hate his new studio


It`s synth wave Wednesday. What`s the first band people think of when they think of synth? "Ministry" of course! Here`s a young Al Jourgensen. EDIT: I`ve just been informed that it`s not Wednesday.


It`s getting late. Think I`ll take a shower and go to sleep. (Looks at clock) Oh, it only 5:30. Never mind. Ha ha. I hate when that happens.


I don`t have a cat. But if I did it would be one of these.


Watched anything good on youtube lately? I`m always looking for something new to watch. The more obscure the better. Here`s the type of videos I`m currently watching.


With Microsoft buying Bethesda/Zenimax, what company would you like to see Sony buy or just be shocked to see them buy? Imagine Sony buying Fromsoft. That`d be insane. I feel like I would have no choice but to buy a PS5. Or if Sony buys Konami. Yeah......


Microsoft spent 7.5 billion dollars buying Bethesda. What would you do with 7.5 billion? I`d probably buy my own Taco Bell restaurant. It wouldn`t be open to the public. It`s just for my own personal use. Man I`d get so fat if I were rich. Ha ha ha.


Microsoft owning all of Bethesda and its games? For the first time in many years my mind is thoroughly blown. Doom, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Evil Within, are now first party Xbox/PC games. I think this solves Microsofts lack of exclusives problem.


Ok. Last one from me. Kind of surprised no one already posted it.


Good morning everyone. We still doing this? Alright. Here`s another classic.


Last one for the night. If you were an anime fan in the 90`s you`ve seen this video and heard this song.


I see people posting music from Anime so I guess I`ll join in.


Ate to many Cheez-its last night. Ended up getting 2 hours of sleep. My stomach and intestines don`t approve of my eating habits and are launching a violent protest. Message received. I won`t make this mistake again.


I love the Xbox controller but their is something that I hate about it. The start and select buttons are not called start and select. I don`t even know what they are called. One button has 3 lines on it and the other has a square inside another square.


Good morning Destructoid.


Who`s your favorite X-man? It`s difficult to pick just one but I`m going to say Colossus. I`ve always been a fan of characters with defensive powers. He can take a punch from just about anyone. I also think he just looks cool. The guy`s made of metal.


Ha ha ha. It`s funny how you can watch this video and know exactly what era it`s from. Anything from `98 to 2002 is pretty easy to recognize.


Game idea: Capcom develops a remake of the first Dead Rising. Same game but with better a.i., can move while aiming, Otis can`t interrupt you, and maybe a few extra rooms and survivors added. Much like how they handled the Resident Evil 1 remake.


Wrestling was always my favorite sport. Check this out. (And try to ignore the music.)


Anyone got a picture of a Working Joe from Alien: Isolation with a caption that says "You`re becoming hysterical"? I can`t seem to find one and I need this in my arsenal. (Is a picture with a caption what people refer to as a meme?)


Playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on PC. Anyone know how to change the screen resolution? I don`t see it in the graphics options. I also don`t see an option for fullscreen. Alt-Enter doesn`t seem to change anything.


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