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Am I alone that decided to delete Pixel Junk Monster 2 because of the horrendous loading times. Trying to play Online coop also add to this. I played it on Switch.


Any other red heads around, check out Young Souls. People will finally know what we do when they don't see us around.


Dragon Marked for Death we want youuuuu!


I just realized that I want a physical version of Undertale, so sad.


Nintendo should really make an effort with their birthday gift. 30% rebate on 15 select game for 3DS and Wii U. I DONT PLAY THOSE ANYMORE :(. Still thanks for giving me a present.


Feels like something is broken in me, maybe I need to mourn after finishing RDR2 and that's what is happening to me.


Little Gem - Zombie Night Terror

Last month Humble Bundle gave me Zombie Night Terror, a game from 2016. The first impression just from the screenshots was not great, black and white, pixelated, though I love the retro looks being from that generation it jus...


Only 20 min left before EOD, who's coming for a beer?


Just a few hours before Humble Bundle, the first Friday of each month is always Christmas for me, except when I already own the good games of the lot. :/


Currently playing AoT2, it's an alright game, the story is more interesting than the gameplay though it does offer "upgrades" in a few different means, keeping it going a bit. I'm having a better time with Zombie Night Terror unexpectedly.


Mainly a reader through all those years, -hard to participate in the forums / post without wanting to hulk-out at the hate.- Scratch that last bit, didn't mean for it to sound so harsh, would just be nicer if we were more courteous in general.


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