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Little Gem - Zombie Night Terror

Last month Humble Bundle gave me Zombie Night Terror, a game from 2016. The first impression just from the screenshots was not great, black and white, pixelated, though I love the retro looks being from that generation it jus...


Only 20 min left before EOD, who's coming for a beer?


Just a few hours before Humble Bundle, the first Friday of each month is always Christmas for me, except when I already own the good games of the lot. :/


Currently playing AoT2, it's an alright game, the story is more interesting than the gameplay though it does offer "upgrades" in a few different means, keeping it going a bit. I'm having a better time with Zombie Night Terror unexpectedly.


Mainly a reader through all those years, -hard to participate in the forums / post without wanting to hulk-out at the hate.- Scratch that last bit, didn't mean for it to sound so harsh, would just be nicer if we were more courteous in general.


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