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Nope. Take that back. They're only exclusives. Guess I'm back to farming a den in an exclusive area for a G-Charizard. Thanks, Nintendo.


Didn't expect Game Exclusives for Sword and Shield raid events. Was I not paying attention during previous events or is this ACTUALLY weird? I mean at least they're all available for Four Star if I'm not misreading anything but still. Ugh.


Pokémon Raids: Five Ways They Can Improve

In late 2019, Nintendo released the latest of their mainline Pokémon titles, Sword and Shield.  This entry contained several game-changing elements such as the new wilderness area and the ability to let your Pokémon ...


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Hello, everyone. I am a gamer, a writer, a bad joke maker, and whatever I decide to be in the moment. It's better to open yourself up to multiple roads than lock yourself into one.

I've been playing games since I was a little kid. I don't particularly have a "favorite" game since I'm not a fan of "Top X Lists" but some games I can sit down and play whenever I want include Tetris, Persona 3, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

"That power is called a Persona... It is a manifestation of your psyche. A Persona is a facet of your personality that surfaces as you react to external stimuli... You can think of it as a mask that protects you as you brave many hardships."
~Igor, Persona 3