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Really enjoying FFVII so far but every so often you'll see a really shoddy texture... Like here... This is just one giant flat low resolution jpeg.


Mission complete Final Fantasy VII acquired from my local supermarket. Had to buy food to make it look like I was doing essential shopping 🤣


I promised myself I wouldn't get it... I said the reviews won't sway me... I thought what I'd seen on twitch didn't entice me... But yet I'm frantically trying to secure a copy of FFVII remake... I'm such a sell out 🤣


Damn, I really cannot stop playing Days Gone... It started off quite generic but the story and characters have really grown on me. If you're looking a zombie action game. Buy this instead of Resident Evil 3.


Beat the Resi 3 campaign in under 7 hours, its a solid game...though the more action approach here really reminded me of RE5&6 Alot. Nemesis pales in comparison to Mr. X and enemies having one hit kill moves when I have full health is bullshit.


So Nemesis just waits outside staring at you... I'm not even in a save room. 🤣🤣


Finally playing Days Gone, bought it on Black Friday. Played a good chunk and it seems that the zombie hoards aren't really a concern for anyone. They're barely mentioned in cutscenes...if at all. Feels like a generic open world game with dull missions


So it seems Resident Evil 3 is a bit of disappointment judging by several online reviews... This has me considering cancelling my preorder.


Ended up redoing my Jon Snow sketch, New version is on the left. Im way too critical of myself and ended up hating the old version. Given time Ill likely hate the new version too.


Anyone played I am Setsuna? Need something to play during another week of no work. It's on sale on the switch store, considering buying it. Big jrpg fan so just wondering what you guys think of it.


Bravely default 2 demo is kicking my ass. Seriously, I'm not getting the appeal of this. I left the town and got destroyed by pig enemies. Reloaded, made it to dungeon, got one hitted by rabbits. What am I missing?


Been playing Mass Effect Andromeda, bought it 2 years ago for £6, played first hour and though meh... Its OK. Getting back into it... Its a strange game... Some faint glimmers of promise are let down but seriously boring missions. Combat is great though


Genuinely don't know if I should be stockpiling or not... Don't know if where I live will be put into lock down... If it does... How can I pay for my house if I can't work... This is insane.


Doing a study of the eye, It's a very slow process learning digital painting. I get frustrated a lot, sometimes I'll think something looks good... Then 10 minutes later I think it sucks and delete it. Binging Attack on Titan helps though.


Been sketching this in work... Its a bit rough, linework is a bit scratchy... But can't wait for the finale season of AOT to start.


This is how Ive spent my weekend, Sketching Jon Snow. Moving into painting the tones and values, which is something I struggle with but we'll see how it goes


Getting back into learning to draw human anatomy after a 5 year break. These are the structure of the arm Using George brigdmans books for reference. Feels like starting all over again


Took myself to Amsterdam last July for my 33rd birthday. Went by myself, anyone else ever took a trip by themselves?


Another game finished... Nier Automata... This game (once it gets going) is incredibly hard to put down... The first few hours didn't grab me but the game really rewards those who stick at it. If you haven't played it yet... Do!


Just finished breath of the wild...Now is it me Or is that one seriously underwhelming ending? I even got the best ending apparently... Feel quite deflated after it.


Hey, New here so thought Id introduce myself with some artwork ive been working on. Been creating Geralt in Illustrator, loads of work still to do.


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