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In my opinion, one of the most underrated RPGs. People were scared off from playing because you actually have to READ (the horror!) the dialogue, instead of hearing spoken, to get understand the story.


Aaron Rodgers to New Orleans. Guarenteed. More confident about that than the bet I placed on the Kentucky Derby, and I'm pretty confident on that one, too.


Anybody else find it funny that people are quick to dismiss ufo sightings as "nonsense" when we have the ability to send probes to and land on other planets ourselves?


Chicken eggrolls & Guinness Extra Stout = Best dinner. Change my mind


Just started playing XCOM 2 again after letting it collect dust for the last year or so, and it's still as rage inducing as it was before


Funniest thing you'll read today https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0WqQJV4d?s=a99&pd=060TWsca


A LEGO set that should on the top of the lists of all of us that became "video game nerds" in the '80s thanks to the Mario and the NES https://www.comingsoon.net/games/news/1141756-lego-group-unveils-lego-nintendo-entertainment-system


Had to drive through Indy to get home tonight and as soon as I crossed the county line I got this alert because of the riot, or "protest" that has been going on the past few days.


Carrying on the music and riot theme I started with the Sublime song yesterday, here's a screenshot from the music video for the song Pepper by the Butthole Surfers


The official anthem of a riot. It should be blaring out of the speakers of whatever rioters listen to music on.


The justice system FAILS AGAIN. Lori Laughlin may not spend any time in prison after changing to a guilty plea in her bribery case. We know what we need to do, boycott anything she's in after this (if anything).


Anyone else feeling nostalgic?


The Black Desert AFK Anti-Social Distancing party at Heidal. These people just randomly showed up a couple of days ago and never left. Pretty sure some of them have been on the last 48 hours straight, lol.


Watchung this for the first time in years and still as funny as the first time I saw it. Can't believe this movie is 22 years old


A game I've always liked to see remade/remastered is Summoner, it was a PS2 launch title back in 2000. It had a good story and it's what really got me paying attention to RPGs. I was mostly a sports game player before then.


Have you ever played a game that was SO BAD you laughed hysterically when you first started playing it, but wound up actually being good the farther you got into it? For me, it was Two Worlds.


Just because the Kentucky Derby isn't taking place today doesn't mean I can't place losing bets on horse races


After seeing the spoilers for The Last of Us 2, I think I'll just save my money rather than spend it on that ridiculous woke garbage.


Here's something kind of creepy from a book published in 2018 by "clairvoyant" Sylvia Brown that I saw in a video.


Social Distancing at its finest in Black Desert Online lol


Coronavirus update


The Deluxe edition (base game and all 4 DLCs) of Sudden Strike 4 is on sale for $13 on the Palystation Store. Definitely worth a buy if you're into RTS games.


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