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so... scalebound is cancelled? I might be able to muster up a "meh" at this point but I do feel bad for platinum games. But at least we still get 2B


Normally, I wait a bit before doing this but sod it... I got the Valkyria: Azure revolution Demo ver 2.0 and uploaded my playthrough of the 1st mission to youtube. If you're interested on more details, you can check out my blog post https://goo.gl/BLZXB5


Took a while, but I'm trying out the new Valkyria: Azure revolution demo on twitch right now. Want to join me in seeing what it has to offer? https://www.twitch.tv/gundamjehutykai


Project Diva: Future tone annoys the hell out of me but I can't stop playing it!!!


Any Koihime Enbu players here? There's a tourney running on Sunday and is open to US and EU (and UK) players. Check out the details here: http://infinityfgc.challonge.com/ryk7veuf


Koihime Enbu stream on twitch right now with at least 1 more possible key giveaway for the game! https://www.twitch.tv/mechags


If you're a fan of Valkyria Chronicles, be sure the fill in this survey by Sega. http://valkyria.sega.com/vcr/survey/ The last question asks which other game in the series you would like to see brought over to the west, so answer VC3!


Curious about Koihime Enbu, there's an EU stream on now with possible key giveaways https://www.twitch.tv/mechags


OK, Playing the Odin Sphere Leifthrasir demo has made a convert out of me! Definitely getting this one, assuming Atlus actually releases it in a timely manner in the UK.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... *sigh*


God eater resurrection AND God eater 2: rage burst is mining to the west!!! Christmas just came early! (Tales of berseria too). What a way to end 2015. So many amazing game announcements!


Famitsu broke news of a new valkyria chronicles game for ps4 as well as a remake of the first game... 2015 has been destroying games wish lists all year!!


Grandia 2 is out on steam! Why was I not notified?


Jam kuradoberi was announced for guilty gearxrd revalator!! I'm beyond happy right now!!


Rollcall!! MCM Expo attendees sound off!

The main Dtoid EU meet is widely regarded as the Eurogamer expo weekend (tho that remains to be seen in the future) but there were a few questions asked regarding another big event held in London and that would be the MCM Expo which is...


Mini Review: Tales of Xillia 2

There have probably been a bunch of community reviews for this game now but I thought I'd throw my own into the pile and also provide a small sweetener in the shape of an unboxing of the European "ludger Kresnik" edition of the game in...


MIni Review: Battle Princess of Arcadias

Looks like Kyle managed to beat me to it this time around but I thought I'd post this review up anyway. _________________________________________________________ Well, this is a difficult one. I had planned to post this last week but wan...


Mini Review: Monster Monpiece

Since I don't see a review on dtoid, I thought I'd repost the review of this game from my personal blog for your perusal. Spoilers: It's pretty decent, even if some of the extra bits are annoying as hell. ___________________________________...


Mini Review: Senran Kagura Burst

With Shiovi Versus being released on the Vita recently, it seemed like a decent idea to repost my little look at its predecessor on the 3DS. _____________________________________ Well, colour me a little surprised. Just before I was read...


(Not so) Mini Review: Project X Zone

This post is an edited version of my post on my personal blog. Some bits were cut cos it was really rather wordy and there were more videos on the original as well. If you want to see the full thing, you can find it here: http://lookingglas...


Ninty loves you baby, yeah!

A few months ago, I posted a mini review of Pandora's Tower on the c-blogs and, while I spoke about various things about the game itself, I also spoke of a special item which was given to buyers of all three titles. Something unique to Eur...


Better to be hated than forgotten?

a few weeks ago, a promoted clog by RenagadePanda talked about how he loved Bad games and it got me thinking about bad games in general. I'm sure we've all had experiences with games so bad, we can't possibly defend them. yet we don't neces...


Mini Review: Pandora's Tower

I'm back! And with an uber late mini Review of Pandoras Tower, the 3rd major JRPG release along with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last story. This was originally posted a couple of weeks ago on my personal blog lookingglass.kokidokom.net bu...


Mini Review: Ridge Racer Unbounded

I'm back with yet another mini review. Given how polarising the game has been if review scores are to be believed, it seemed like a good choice to review this game, which I did last week, but I haven't posted it here until now. Here's my Mi...


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