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Hey you sexy bastards, I'll be doing a little Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy on the Destructoid Twitch stream tonight. Come and join me re living the days where my biggest concern was "I hope my older brother isn't over with his friends on the 64!!"


Hey SEXYTOIDS, So my brother surprised me and told me he got on the pre list for PS5. What are some games you want to see being played first. Yes my playthroughs are trash but at least it will give you a better idea if you should purchase or not! <3


PSA: Whoever is down to play Among Us with the community is more than welcome to. If you don't have the game I can personally gift it to you on STEAM! Very fun community game... lets find out who are the SNEAKYTOIDS in this community haaaa <3


Anyone else having trouble sleeping? Where are all my Insomnia dtoids at... cuz yeah ummmmm I'm still awake from yesterday and I'm out of ideas... also, nipples


Hey DTOIDS I finally made my way to QTOID AND BLOGS *adjusts gaming chair**defogs glasses**cracks fingers**3 swift sips of Mountain Dew**hovers over keyboard & twinkles fingers*. Its streaming payback.. TIME TO ANNOY YOU ALL OMG ONLY 255 CHARS BUT HOW WI


Mrs. Destructoid????

Hey DTOIDS some of you may know me as the Destructoid streamer on Twitch and some of you might have no idea that I even exist (mainly my fault.. sad pepehands). I know this community is wild and accepting of all so I just had to ask......


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