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Nintendo Direct Prediction: Mass release function announced for Pokemon S&S results in a cure for cancer, end of climate crisis, and world peace.


Playing Stardew Valley at launch:calculating crop efficiency ratios and maximizing gifts by season. Playing Stardew Valley in 2019:


Just me, trying to decide where to put my Xbox next holiday season.


Gen X cynicism is not as appreciated as it should be.


For the first time in my life, I did indeed, catch them all. 400/400


max raid battles are making me mental - JUDGmental (srs tho, I get so aggro...)


I've collected all the badges and now must face the championship battles. Someone please steer me to basic team building concepts - this is my first Pokemon game outside Let's Go, and I am awash in choices...


Planning to play the new pokermans, but my mind keeps drifting to the fact that Zoo Tycoon is thing, and I might need to know if it's MY thing...


Hey Dtoid, I am going to have about a week between wrapping up Dragon Quest 11 and the release of Sword and Shield.Taking suggestions for games (Xbox, Switch, or PC). I'm thinking:


Wait - dual-wielding wands? I want to retcon every movie with a wizard to incorporate this. I'll take this Voldemort fight, and double it!


Gatekeeper Indignus was the first actual fight of Dragon Quest 11.


Three Admissions: I have not played Fallout: New Vegas. I have never eaten a churro. Until this year, I had never played a Pokemon game.


Hello Darkness: In a Corner

You need to understand something: The Blair Witch (1999) is not only one of the most successful independent films in history – it is also the first movie that taught me about terror. I had my first panic attack at 13. It was aft...


I use a free Trello board to track gaming - I'm old and forget things, don't judge. I had to make a new category for Forager though...


Anyone want a puppy - she's pretty great but Grookey in 10 days amirite?


I'll just check out Forager real quick like before bed, I heard it's interesti.... and it's dawn.


Happy Halloween from Canada in the 80's.


You might think you know dogs, but you don't know dogs until you live with a chihuahua/yorkie version of a dog. Bossy as shit, no quit, needles for teeth, chewing through the world like


I really liked Battle Chasers: Nightwar. My kid was like, "robots can be healers?" I was like, "you can be whatever you want to be my child". He was like, "a mINECRAFT yOUTUBER". I was like, "nobody wants to watch a robot do that kid".


My Top 10 Alternate Titles for Dragon Quest 11

1. Dragon Quest 11: Sleeping in Hats 2. Dragon Quest 11: Is Puff Puff Legal in The South?  3. Dragon Quest 11: Wait, I Didn't Have to Wear This Purple Tabard and Green Boot Outfit for Sixty Hours? 4. Dragon Quest 11: Leaving Gemm...


Asking for a promotion at work today because of the restraint I exhibited when playing DQ 11 this weekend instead of Outer Worlds - will keep everyone updated. $$$


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