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I'm not in to Razer products but that looks so rad.




How about we don't start using autoplaying video ads again, Dtoid.


Aaaaand some cunt on Reddit spoiled Star Wars for me. Yes, I'm that annoyed I felt cunt had to be used.


New Megaman. Megaman collection. SFV actually looking good and a Street Fighter Collection on the Switch?! What the fuck happened at Capcom? Did they decide they like money again? They're on fire right now.


Aaaand done! It's so fucking cool. I won't spoil anything about it but the final boss in the DLC is awesome! Be sure to visit your house if you bought one and head upstairs when you finish the DLC too. Something special happens.


I'm digging this DLC. The one shot weapon you get is super fun. It's a shame you don't get to keep it. I've only done 2 of the 4 new Champion quests lines so far but some of these new shrines are great.


Since I was asleep and now I'm just catching up... What in the actual fuck did I just watch?


I guess I'll join in with the Christmas Santa hats.


AAAAAAAAAAAH! And Preordered.


Jessicaaaa!! Help me become MegaMaaaan! I fucking love Max.


I love this.


Garo really needs more love. Shame it's so underappreciated this season.




I'm not American but happy thanksgiving to you guys in advance.


I got Ultra Sun. I decided to roll with Pokemon I've never used before so the team I've got is... interesting.


Still on these awful antibiotics that make my mouth taste absolutely vile and my hospital stuff has been pushed back to January... but at least Dragon Ball was dope. That beam grind was fucking awesome.


Still horribly sick. Hospital stuff coming up. Gotta take these giant ass antibiotics. I finally finished Mario Odyssey though. Awesome ending with fanservice. And I caught up on the hilarious EA Star Wars stuff. Belated Birthday wishes to all too.


Haven't been around much lately. My health has been pretty terrible. I hope you're all doing great.


Woohoo the delivery dood finally arrived. I can finally do the Odyssey.


So I'm not getting Mario today. "The request you made to have it delivered on Saturday has been confirmed". Great. I didn't make that request because I was A-FUCKING-SLEEP. So fucking stupid. Fucks sake.


Ugh done. Forced myself to finish my placements. I had ONE amazing game with both teams full of amazing people that ended in a draw. It's been a long long time since I've had that much fun. I wish every game could have been like that.


Such a horrible community of Fuck Lords. Everybody arguing in ranked. Pricks trolling in casual. Arcade filled with anal sphincters. I'd rather play with the League Of Legends community. Dunno if I can even bother finishing my placements. Fuck Overwatch


My new favourite insult.


For 2.99 you did good little mouse. You did good.. But you were 7 years old, your clicks were going and you scrolled up when I scrolled down. I won't trash you though! I'll keep you in my draw as a back up. Hoping this new baby is just as good


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