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We're 2 weeks away from E3 so Nintendo Bingo time! Here's mine. Blank template in the comments


So precious


394 tons in weight. 28 inches. A remote control that I swear is the same size as my sound bar. Glorious CRT!


Today I learned that shiny Furrets are pink... and now I must catch one




What I assume Nintendo's E3 will look like. Did I miss anything? Pretty fucking stacked! And that's if they don't have any surprise bombshells


So bold! So precious!


Astral Chain got some new art on the Japanese eshop. Good ol' Platinum! Asstral Chain indeed!


Hot babes! Hash brown Cobra Kai!


It's just getting sad now, Sony


So precious


#backlogtoid wait.. why are you getting bigger?! You're supposed to be shrinking in size dammit!


I wake up to see Ryan Reynolds shitposting and trolling. Glorious!


I found one more skimming through again. I had to post it because even in the 1950s men were pervs. Rofl


Okay last one just because it's so cool. There's 4 pages detailing exactly how to make it!


I don't even... Eeeeh? Lol


Is anybody interested in 1950/60s American advertisements? I was cleaning the attic and found my grandpas old magazines. Look at this dope artwork! Also jetpacks!


So THAT'S why it all went wrong


Jim looks dope as Robotnik! Sonic is complete nightmare fuel though.


Dante... the hat.. and then the dance.. I... that was the most amazing thing I've seen this year in a game


Fuck me sideways Endgame. I wasn't prepared for such an emotional ride. I laughed. I cheered. I cried. I recommend seeing it ASAP so nothing is ruined. There's a lot of dickheads in games and online spoiling it. It's been one heck of an 11 year ride


Aha! I love it!


1am. Enough internet for today. Goodnight Dtoid


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