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They look so good together! Fun little detail, Rem has white panties and Ram has black.


Wooo. I wasn't expecting the mailman to deliver this today.


Dood. Pyro is getting a fucking Jetpack?!


I'm happy to have been part of this big Dtoid family for so long. It's crazy to remember who has come and gone and how many other places haven't lasted. GameTrailers, ScrewAttack, 1UP, Joystiq.... Here's to another 8 years with you guys!


So I finally tried the demo for Flynn and it's pretty dope. Alyssa did a great write up about it. I'm excited for the full game.


I'm excited to see the Rainway demo later this week.


I felt that from here. Rena with the vicious beautiful liver shot! I fucking love Japanese mixed martial arts.


So precious is back! I also finished Megaman X with the Hadouken in an hour and a half because I forgot the right order. Fuck Sting Chameleon.


Got myself a new clickity clackity keyboard for my animoo and movie PC because it was on stock clearance for only £30. It's pretty dope.




SNES Mini Goof Troop... Womp womp wooooomp! Anybody got it to run native without retro? Same thing happens with Secret of Evermore.


So the SNES Mini can run patched roms just fine. Wooo!


Nice start to the day. Waking up to the new Star Wars trailer.


So now it's officially out... What games do ya'll suggest?


I don't even care if it's terrible. That shit was fucking dope.


Anybody playing the Battlefront II beta? Not the best maps to show it off... I'm terrible at space battles and the sniper range isn't all that fun. I joined a game just as VICTORY popped up and it gave me so much exp I went from level 3 to 10. Fun bug!


What is your favourite vaporware title?


I bought this because it looks both delicious and yet kinda disgusting.


For those waiting for it.


Cluster doing work!


Wooo. All exits and dragon coins. Still a fantastic game after all these years.


I got another one for my dad. They're a lot easier to get this time around.


Awww yeaaah. I still got it.


Anime of the year. Good Lord what a fucking ride. It's been a very long time since an anime has made me cry. That final episode was a tough watch.


Everybody on Dtoid today.


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