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Well with the beta ending in a few hours I think I'll spend the last of it screwing around rather than raiding. Maybe one final one later on. I didn't get a full epic load out but it was close. The GM's are super chill and fun. I had so much fun


Did I just find the best home in the game? Also does this count as 2B Tuesday?


Oh my RNJesus blessed me with his presence and I looted a pet. He can loot items, auto-revive and auto-potion. Look at this tiny adorable little motherfucker!


Note to self: Don't try to do a world boss with just 2 people. Over 7 million HP... It took us 40 minutes to down it... Aaaah my eyes


I finally hit the level cap for the beta and unlocked daily quests. New outfit is super cute! I wish hair didn't clip with wings though.. Took on a few world bosses with some randoms. They have so much HP and the fight lasts so long.. Really fun though


So cute


So apparently guilds can set their own in game icon which is uploaded and shown server wide. The top 3 guilds on the EU server. Can you guess which is "Nostalgia" "loli" and "LovesHentai"?


I am legitimately having a fucking ball with this beta. The character creator is pretty great. I'm happy with how cute I am. Also does this count with Wes liking bunny girls?


Oh no what have I done... I pre-ordered the collectors edition for Owlboy...


Dude the Cobra Kai series they made is pretty legit. I highly recommend it.


HNNGNGNGGGNGGGG!! Best girl finally arrived. Bless you postal service asdfsdfas


Woohoo for mail.


I'm digging these class designs. I dunno which one I should pick though...


I'm actually a little excited.


HUAAAAAAH!! Final boss of the 9 fucks FINALLY taken out for the last trophy after 837 attempts and I went home to watch the proper ending of the game with a certain somebody showing up. All with the Infinity gauntlet equipped. Outstanding! GOTY so far.


Damn. That TotalBiscuit update post is... It's something.


I just saw Infinity War. Best movie I've seen in a long time. That ending was heartbreaking! I don't feel good.


Really? I spent over a week working through God Of War on the hardest setting and finally completed it and you're telling me there's no trophy for it?


It's time for war I guess.


Best ending song of the season


Grandma got the all clear and is now cancer free. Get your ass beat, cancer.


Sony and Microsoft didn't even send an email.


My Birthday is off to a great start.


Still alive and feeling pretty goooooood for once. And of course I was going to buy it.


Rocking the hospital gown.


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