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Anybody remember Zoo Tycoon? They remade it and gave it a new name.


Hmm.. What are you up to Platinum Games.


Don't we all.


#Contextoid . This series really is something wonderful. I also climbed back to Gold 23xx in Overwatch. Woo


This is going to be a really interesting splatfest.


A crappy boss fight followed by the water stages followed by another crappy boss? Ya killing me here, Sonic Mania! You started off so well too!


I dunno why everybody is all "er ma gerd da SEE GEE EYEZ SO BAD". I think the Godzilla anime is looking dope!


Fiiiiiinally the delivery dude showed up!


Just caught this on reddit and thought I'd share. It's been on steam since last year, but apparently it's being published by the people who published Kamiko and it's coming to the Switch for only $5.


Amazon really need to sort out their packaging department. This could have been sent to me in a normal postage envelope and posted through my door. Why did they put it in a huge box with packing paper up the ass and have a delivery guy give it to me?


Let's talk underwear, Dtoid. How much do you pay for yours? I had an argument with a friend and called him bonkers because he pays 49.99 for 1 pair of CK boxers, and he calls me a cheap jew because I pay 9.99 for 2 pairs of Tokyo Laundry. Who's crazy?


So... ignoring all the stupid shit going on in the world like Trump and Kim wanting to play with their toys and others not liking people because they're a different colour... Ya'll should be watching this series because it's possibly anime of the year.


Friday can mean only one thing... AOTS. Choo choo!


Sonic Mania is only 186 MB. It's so tiny! Also, Gabe's reaction to how everybody reacted to Valve's TCG troll.


First look at Brolin as Cable was released. Looks dope!


The ketchup coloured ink.. it's so bright!


It's Friday. That can mean only one thing...


Uncharted, Evil Within, Yakuza, Battle Chasers, Sonic Mania, Mario XCom & Mario Ody are the only games I have interest in for the rest of the year so that gives me time to work on my backlog! Also related gif, Dagashi Kashi is getting a second season woo


Awww yeeah. It's back in Sonic Mania.


Woohoo! Further anime adaptation!


Oh Lordy those legs.


Reddit is fun sometimes.


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