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Pretty depressed. Hit me quite hard. I visited my grandma today. She's been suffering from Alzheimer's for a couple of years but today she didn't recognize me as her grandson and didn't know who I was


I. Love. Her.


If you look in the dictionary under the word "Cunt" you'll find former CEO of EA and current CEO of Unity John Riccitiello.


Fuck yeah baby! Physical! I don't care that it's $15 more than it's digital release.


Bowser with a fucking cannon baby! Woo!


This Not-E3 has been pretty whack. I don't see Microsoft saving it because it's Microsoft and they usually don't have the best range of games. The Plucky Squire has been the best thing shown off so far this year


Found a really cool artist on etsy and immediately bought all of their Pokemon prints. They all arrived and look fucking awesome. More in the comments


Why is the Halo tv series so fucking terrible? How do you make something worse than a CW show? How do you manage to fuck up Halo? Jesus Christ


I've done everything in the game and I've collected every figure... except one. I can't get the 100% because of this little fuck face and his bullshit.


Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm glad I didn't watch the latest Halo episode on my birthday because Holy fuck this is absolute dogshit


I got some nice stuff for my birthday yesterday. Phat stacks of cash and Aharen-san started airing too!


256 Waddle Dee's saved. All abilities leveled up and the main story done at 70%. What a wonderful game. On to saving more of them and the post game stuff!


Just over 71 hours. A little over 83% on the completion screen. One broken bugged out quest. A map still with a dozen ?'s but the Platinum trophy has popped. Horizon is a really fun game but still needed a little more time in the oven imo


Ooooh. That's why it's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


And there it is. I dig it.


Just think, if everything releases as it should this year, the GOTY list might look like this. Which is fucking insane.


Physical baby! Wahoo!


And just like that, game is dead to me. Good guy Squeenix saving me money.


Friend on discord told me about this. Killer deal right now on Amazon if you're in the UK. Ring Fit is on sale. 43%(!!) off it's RRP


So the Steam Deck is fucking huge. Not mine. carygolomb on twitter posted pics showing it off next to other things.


The Peacemaker series is wild. Pic unrelated.


Got a chuckle out of me


Yay! It finally arrived!


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