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It's time for war I guess.


Best ending song of the season


Grandma got the all clear and is now cancer free. Get your ass beat, cancer.


Sony and Microsoft didn't even send an email.


My Birthday is off to a great start.


Still alive and feeling pretty goooooood for once. And of course I was going to buy it.


Rocking the hospital gown.


Haven't been around for a month or so. Not doing all that great. Lost a lot of weight and stuff. I did get to ride in an ambulance and spend the night in hospital though. So.. rock on or something.


100% again. Absolutely adore this game. If Microsoft ever brings out a physical version I'll happily buy the game for the third time. And it stills makes me cry.


So pretty


Crazy day for Switch game announcements.


Well then...


These character designs are fucking awesome. Somebody call MegaMan.


It's finally done. I've caught up with everything airing this season. Good Lord there's some stuff that really isn't good.


I don't like this type of anime but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I might just keep watching for the art alone.


I'm not one for mech anime usually but this girl alone is enough for me to keep watching.


That's Super Lucky's Tale 100%'d. Fun inoffensive little game. Quantum Break finished too. I really enjoyed the whole 'play a level then watch an episode of the show' thing it had going on. Bummed out that it's so short... and the end boss fight sucked.


It makes me sad at how many people are angry/upset at Labo. It's a little depressing that people don't remember the stupid shit they played with as a child. Do you know what I thought was awesome and I played with as a child? Fucking cardboard discs


Just what I always wanted, cardboard!


Sometimes I feel sorry for Nintendo with how everybody goes nutty beforehand.


Praise Mii-kun! Best way to use my 750th sh-Qpost.


This exact time, exactly 1 year ago, I was at an invite only Nintendo event to play the Switch. Crazy how fast it's gone.


Comfy of the season.


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