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As a F2P player... That was a very stressful pull... BUT AYAKA BABY! WOOO! Oh and I now have a C6 Ning too


That was... an experience. All 7 doctors and nurses were absolutely wonderful though!


I have to go for a colonoscopy tomorrow which means today is nothing but the most boring, blandest and light food. Joy!




Got my government tracking chip installed. 5G successfully installed. Had my first covid jab this morning. The nurse who did it was wonderful and I felt nothing at all!


I was going to buy it anyway but the steam demo has solidified that!


It's so good! It's just like the original and it's so pretty! Inb4 every review is crying about Janken and one hit deaths.


What an absolute delight that was!


Must be protected


Shh this is a secret to everybody, but anybody in the UK who wants the Metroid Dread special edition, it quietly just went up on the Official Nintendo store for preorder.


Some amazing art that Harada shared




Holy fuck Ubisoft


Everything arrived all at once today!


I'm getting use to the motion sickness. I can play a little longer each time I play. Her boss fight was fucking awesome!


Still plodding along with my RE8 playthrough. Fighting that motion sickness an hour or so at a time... I gotta say though, Ethan's hands pissed somebody off in a major way


Managed to get another hour in to Resident Evil 8. Did what I assume was the first boss fight before the motion sickness kicked in again...


Woo I can comment on the front page again! High fives to Anthony and Jordan! Good Lord Disqus works in such an ass backwards way. I've never had to deal with a recovery system that is powered by the speed of stone erosion


Can't log in. Can't reset. Can't join the official Dtoid discord either because it requires a cellphone authorization for whatever fucking reason. Just wonderful


I'm not a fan of change for the sake of change especially when said change is a step backwards. While I'm sure a lot of people worked hard on it and as much as I loath memes, this feels appropriate.


Started playing Resident Evil 8 finally. Got about an hour in to Luiza's house before motion sickness kicked my ass and I had to stop playing. This one is going to take some time to finish...


I found some arcane relics


Well Holy shit. Komi is getting an anime. The trifecta of Nagatoro, Jahy and Komi is complete.


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