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Full song is a banger and the music video is just as insane as the anime opening


Hot damn what a first episode


Woohoo! Look what arrived!


Thank you for all the supportive messages about my mums cancer diagnosis. She has more scans lined up, the doctor has already booked surgery along with followup radiotherapy and said she'll be on medication for at least 5 years.


Eeh so... Mother was diagnosed with having cancer this morning


Surgery done with no problems and only 7 stitches. Woo. Also finished ol' Kingy boy. I really wasn't enjoying it but the control style FINALLY clicked and it's great. Those two Cardia fights were awesome fun


I'm glad I didn't stay awake for that shit show and watched the VOD at 2.5x the speed. At least we got precious Ikumi, wholesome Regi and that awesome Muppets Goose skit. ALSO MAGIC! YA'LL LIKE MAGIC RIGHT?! HERE'S SOME MORE MAGIC FOR YOU! MAGIC!


I'm probably in the minority but I'm not enjoying this at all. The base and previous expansions I love but this one isn't clicking. I don't like the dashing controls at all. Feels like I've died more times in these 2 hours than all the others combined...


Finished Sparklite. What a super fun game. I guess this is now happening though


I'm not a furry but... goth wolf


Oh my the rare cards are something




It took almost half an hour but I FINALLY found one and raised it up to it's final evolution! My final team after getting 8 badges. This gen is too much fun.


I look fabulous. Also nyan'ing intensifies


It's getting review bombed and hated on hardcore by people who haven't even played it, but I'm having a blast with Pokemon. Ballonlea town and the forest leading up to it is...


Look what the mail delivered early!


If anybody is interested in old stuff, I was in my attic earlier tidying it up. Found some Commodore stuff, videodisc player, video 2000, etc and took some pics


How I feel about Death Stranding. All the people I've seen streaming it looked like nobody was having any fun.


That's Luigi's Mansion 3 done. All boos and gems! Super fun game but those final two bosses are... not fun. Plus the controls are pretty awful.


That's Iconoclasts done. What a superb game!




Gametrailers, 1UP, Joystiq, Gamespy, I used to call them all home at some point. Some good communities have gone over the years. I've been part of this one for 10 years today. You're all wonderful people and I hope Dtoid is around for another 10 years


So my doctor diagnosed me with shingles. This is fine. Everything is fineeee


I finally sat down and read up on it since all my friends keep hyping it up. Spy x Family is totally worth it. Anya is precious


So cute


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