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I had an endoscopy today and opted for no sedation. It was... a deeply unpleasant and yet hilarious experience. Any nurse who can joke about an endoscopy mouth guard being a BDSM gag is okay in my books.


Precious stickers are precious.


Current status:


I started watching Squid Game because the huge amount of hype. I'm half way through the series and one episode made me ugly cry


Rolled on the blue wish banner and I got my first husbando. Now the question is do I save for Yae, roll for Itto or go for Hu Tao with what I have saved up...


Well I'm at the final boss and it's unfortunate that I won't be able to 100% Metroid Dread thanks to 3 items which can go fuck themselves along with their fucking atrocious speed booster requirements.


Thank you for all the messages about my cat. It's been... a really difficult week. All his food and treats were given to a lady who has rescue cats. His carrier and bed are in storage because I can't deal with that just yet. Also this arrived today


My second cat passed away this morning. I've lost both of them in under a year. The last thing I said to him was that he was a good boy. I've no words for how heartbroken and devastated I am


10/10 face


Watched the entire thing in one go. 10/10. Ten out of fucking Ten.


From sitting in a waiting room I've come to this realization: Any website that has ANYTHING that auto-plays be it embedded video or ads should be fined. It should be a world law. Holy fuck it's fucking obnoxious trying to use the internet on a cellphone


Twice coming in like a savage!


When people say CGI anime is bad just point them to this series. Or Beastars. Or Dorohedoro. Or Hi Score Girl. Go watch Hi Score Girl anyway


Pew pew Shooter McGavin style. Burned my finger and thumb and spent 20 minutes trying to unlock my phone. Of all the digits I could burn, it's the controller thumb and mouse click finger


#backlogtoid So this is finally happening. I'm half an hour in and one boss down. I hate that I have to buy a map, buy an add-on so it auto maps and buy another add-on so I know where the fuck I am. It's pretty though. Also singing miner bug is precious


My favourite day of the year


I finally finished Resident Evil Village. That second to last boss followed by... what happens followed by the ending boss and ending was... certainly something I wasn't expecting


And with that, I'm now double vaccinated.


Aaaah she's here! It's finally here! All the precious! The most perfect voice casting ever!


That Gardevoir skin in Pokemon unite is so precious!


Damn, that's one accurate test.




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