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I'm glad this place has a mostly friendly community and is well moderated. It's nice to be able to voice concerns and have negative discussions of next gen without being called a slave, bot, drone, bundle of sticks or a racial slur like other places


Watching Intel slowly implode on itself while AMD goes from strength to strength certainly is wild to witness


Another one joining the platinum club for it. What an absolutely magnificent game from start to finish. It had me laughing, angry, in tears and pumped up on multiple occasions. For me it's taken the game of the year honour from FF7R


I wasn't prepared at all for Tsushima to have me in floods of tears. How you gonna do that to me, Sucker Punch? Good Lord fuck this game for being so good. Light spoilers in comments


I just reached like.. 50 hours in to Tsushima and I've just unlocked ANOTHER 2 new weapons and a fucking awesome new ability that I don't want to spoil because it's that awesome. Also... HOW DO I STILL HAVE HALF A MAP TO UNLOCK!


The best announcement today


It'd be real neat if Microsoft showed off some more of these from 3 years ago at their little game event tomorrow


I'm enjoying Ghost Of Sushiroll so very much. This from somebody who isn't in to huge open world games. People have said it's around 35 hours long but I'm pretty sure I've passed that and only just started Act 2. What a beautiful and fun game


A nice delivery this morning


Does anybody need any fossils?


My bananachu tshirt arrived. Look at that smug son of a bitch. Glorious success!


I want more of this. Or rather, NEED more of it. I want a Vanripper x Vivziepop team up


Mother had her final follow up with the hospital. It's been a pretty wild 7 months since it being found, removed and follow up treatment. She's now completely cancer free


Awww shit it's a banger


Hoooly fucking shit. Fuck this mother fucking thing. 20 fucking minutes chasing it around my entire fucking island. Fuck me sideways. Good fucking luck to all of you trying to catch one. What a cunt of a thing to catch


how I feel this morning


Aaaaaaaah Nagatoro is getting an anime!


[Insert laugh/snort here]


I pushed through the boredom and finished it. Control is done. Why couldn't the rest of the game be as fun as the final 2 chapters? Why couldn't the rest of the game be as fun as the maze with the banging music?!


I kinda hate this game... but I'm half way though it... but there's still a huge looking building complex thing locked off on the map....


Woohoo they finally arrived!


Such a clean setup


Thanks to Microsoft for requiring their controller to need batteries. Not totally inconvenient at all. Since I can no longer play Control because of that, my quick thoughts after chapter 4...


Finally sitting down to play this.


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