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My current island residents. What about everyone else?


Look who was in my camp this morning. Aaaah I got business cat!


Wooo! All done with 2 days to spare!


DUUUUUUN. DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN. DUN DUN DUUUUN. [Finish Godzilla theme here] I fucking love him. It plays not Godzilla music and then breathes fire


Omg omg omg omg


Okay so after put down Animal Crossing for a couple of hours to play the Breath Of The Waifu beta... Honest thoughts after 3 hours? It's really fucking good and beautiful.


Woo I got in to the beta


Score! The first island I visit not only has blue flowers but also one of the new awesome villagers I wanted in my town. Grandma wolf down, business cat and rainbow bear to go!


Nintendo teaming up with Levis. That hoodie is dope


So precious


And the 6 hour marathon begins


Welp. It's over 100 GB.


Well that was a super fun game. Shame I'll never 100% it because the coins from the cannon game can go eat a bag of dicks and then fuck off


Woohoo she finally arrived


Don't we all


Cleaning a 30 year old controller. Delicious


I agree


Full song is a banger and the music video is just as insane as the anime opening


Hot damn what a first episode


Woohoo! Look what arrived!


Thank you for all the supportive messages about my mums cancer diagnosis. She has more scans lined up, the doctor has already booked surgery along with followup radiotherapy and said she'll be on medication for at least 5 years.


Eeh so... Mother was diagnosed with having cancer this morning


Surgery done with no problems and only 7 stitches. Woo. Also finished ol' Kingy boy. I really wasn't enjoying it but the control style FINALLY clicked and it's great. Those two Cardia fights were awesome fun


I'm glad I didn't stay awake for that shit show and watched the VOD at 2.5x the speed. At least we got precious Ikumi, wholesome Regi and that awesome Muppets Goose skit. ALSO MAGIC! YA'LL LIKE MAGIC RIGHT?! HERE'S SOME MORE MAGIC FOR YOU! MAGIC!


I'm probably in the minority but I'm not enjoying this at all. The base and previous expansions I love but this one isn't clicking. I don't like the dashing controls at all. Feels like I've died more times in these 2 hours than all the others combined...


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