Only Single Player: New God of War concept art and early designs revealed
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Best girl has arrived!


She's so precious


Let's Go map looks nice. I wonder where the S.S Anne goes considering it's land locked.


Might be my favourite series so far this season. Edutainment! Finished Rabbids DK DLC. Just as fun as the main game. I finally watched Ready Player One and it's a pretty awesome movie. Deadpool 2 was okay. Incredibles 2 was okay. JurASSic Park though...


Awwww shit!


I miss when Overwatch was a fun game to play.


WHY GOOD SMILE!? That's two in the space of a week! WHY!?


Why must you do this to me Good Smile!


Awww yeaah.


Woohoo! Second series of her finally arrived! I finally have her with maracas!


So precious.


Smash site is live. Every fighter has a few screenshots and a video showing them off. Hype!


It's beautiful.


Every time something about Death Stranding is shown.


My current ratings for E3 so far. What about ya'll?


Hnnng. It's so damn good.


Linkle in BOTW is pretty dope.


I'm cautious about how it plays because I'm not a Go person, but I really dig the art style they went with. Everybody is way too pissed. I'm excited to see where the series goes next year.


Oh my.


I bought a dock for my dock and it looks pretty awesome.


I have no words for how absolutely appalled I am.


Well with the beta ending in a few hours I think I'll spend the last of it screwing around rather than raiding. Maybe one final one later on. I didn't get a full epic load out but it was close. The GM's are super chill and fun. I had so much fun


Did I just find the best home in the game? Also does this count as 2B Tuesday?


Oh my RNJesus blessed me with his presence and I looted a pet. He can loot items, auto-revive and auto-potion. Look at this tiny adorable little motherfucker!


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