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Devilman Crybaby two word review: holy shit. Holy shit, Devilman Crybaby, holy shit


You wanted to use the Xbox remote? Oh that's funny.


I'm glad I got DkS2:SofFS, as I'm getting to experience the DLC for the first time. I've made it to Shulva, the Sanctum City, and it's the best zone in the game so far. It was a blast to explore and navigate,and way better than most of the base game.


Why do guitarists like Buckethead, Joe Satriani, and Orianthi sound great to my ears, but as soon as I hear a Steve Vai song I want to kill myself?


Been into a Dark Souls kick lately, been doing a co-op run with a friend in 2, and since he went a bought 3 for pc, I started replaying my copy of 3 on the xbone. I realize I hate the Lorian fight a lot, the nameless king less, and I'm styck at both


I had no idea the US forced sterilization among poor women in Puerto Rico throughout the 20th century...


A few weeks ago I finished reading Berserk, kinda going into it blind, despite knowing some of the visuals from the series. It's all started with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and how they were heavily influenced by the Manga. My review continues in comments


Incredibles 2 was a good movie. I really liked the characterization of the family. The villain was a bit predictable. The jokes were better, and I'm glad it didn't force me to cry like Coco did. The opening short was one of Pixar's best.


I saw Thor: Ragnarok last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Hulk was greatly characterized, and his animations and emoting were great.


yo this guy is so fucking legit Joyner Lucas He's become my new favorite rapper https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUebubwSuTHfHjWJI4gCS9A


I don't have God of War or a ps4 so enjoy a post about not that. ... ... I'm enjoying Heroes of the STorm again, I bought Gazlowe last year at some point, and i really love his mechanics, espcially at lvl 20 with the Charging mah lazors talent.


OMG the new artist for Nancy comics is so fucking good. http://www.gocomics.com/nancy/2018/04/21


Just saw this. The debate continues... http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/hot-dog-sandwich-376120


Villains that did nothing wrong: Lavos

Lavos is the iconic final boss from Chrono Trigger. It was constantly being referenced by other characters as a source of power and evil, but in fact, Lavos was just a creature trying to get a family together. Pictured: Father/Mother ...


LOL ransomware forces you yo play PUBG for one hour before decrytpingyour files. I cant wait for a Troll and I ransomware


http://www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips/index2.html what the hell is this game, i find it engrossing. it keeps getting more complex


So had started playing Chrono Cross a few weeks ago, only to restart playing Chrono Trigger instead. I love the characters from CT, they have enjoyable dialogue, especially Lucca and the enemies characters. Once i finish it i'll revisit CC


I saw Ready Player One, and I didn't hate it. Lots of references, but not annoying 3/5. It's better than the emoji movie, and I didn't hate how it differed from the book. I would give the book a 3/5 too, not great, not awful, but I've read wayyy better.


Game over man is more intensely violent than it has any right to be. Also, too many dick shots, attached to their bodies or not


My wife's farts smell too much like the tacos we just ate.


I just finished watching the Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 on Netflix. I enjoyed it very much. #couplegoals The casting is excellent. The writing is hokey, but great delivery, and it was one of the better shows I've seen recently. Would recommend


#catbarffriday Dont you love it when your cat is bugging you to feed him in the morning, you feed him, and then he pukes up everythin he ate? Good job, dude


Recently bought Chrono Cross for my ps2 for my first time playthrough. Im liking it a lot, the battles are interesting with the field system, elements grid, and attack %, and apparently there are like 40 characters? Any newbie tips?


Sometimes I look at my steam catalog and just stare at it, wishful of the game i want that I don't have, whatever game that may be or that may not even exist. And then i play DD:DA


2 truths, 1 lie time: 1) I fucking love Dark Souls. 2) I kissed a guy for a joint. 3) i spend too much time on dtoid


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Games are great, they provided a sense of agency and escape I could not achieve with books and movies. Games are therapeutic, from Killing zombies, to cutting down trees, to pressing "a" to harvest a mushroom. I like to draw, paint, make music, but somehow I keep coming back to games. They satisfy something very deep in my psyche that I keep coming to.
Music is on par with games, though. Music is my life much moreso than video games could ever be. And I take that shit for granted, I'm so sorry, Music! I can definitely picture myself living a life without video games. I've had before, I know what it's like, you just end up outside a little more often which is cool. But a life without music? Kill me. Oh and i guess I draw and paint too, that's my header image. It's not like I went to school for it or anything (FIT graduate).

My first gaming love is Dark Souls, even though I have been gaming since 8 or so, installing sharewares on my 486, thanks to my dad :). My first music love was found much earlier than DkS: Primus.

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