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My life changed dramatically after letting one thing into my life. It wasn't Jesus, keto, excercise,or anything like that. It was a bidet. Now I can face life with a clean, toiletpaper-lint-free butthole! everyday.


Hope y'all are having a fun Saturday. Today is my last day at my current job, I start anew on Monday atva different employer, but I felt the love today. My boss bought me lunch and I came to work to this. My love to my Pearle Vision crew.


Woohoo eff da Redskins WOOO


Started a Dark Souls Remastered loot randomizer mod. It's been... interesting. Having random items at the start is not too different and sometimes an advantage. But things like keys lock you out out of early areas like lower undeadburg if randomized.


is disqus bugged? i never made a disqus account, only a dtoid account (at least my credentials are not the same) but I cant reply or comment in posts at all in dtoid unless I log into disqus which refuse to do unless I have no recourse left to shit post


how does everyone know each other's bdays?


for those curious about whats going down now in Minnesota with as minimal fitler as possible, please check either Unicorn Riot on Twitter or Twitch.tv/inteldoge


Here's to you, Minnesota.


Made some music: https://soundcloud.com/user-74580872/sets/chimchaxluuk/s-HEXlfOYMPZX https://soundcloud.com/user-74580872/sets/video-game-spaces/s-MxhLwFcLYJT


its May 4th, you know what that means....Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo!!!!!


SW-2679-0823-1983 is my friend code! come check out my island, and I'll check out yours! Native fruit is the green pear! Welcome to the Island of Valentine, named after my cat!


Damn. Found out yesterday that a friend i knew committed suicide this week. Still processing this info; i hadn't spoken to the guy in a few years, and am out of the loop with anyone close with him. Stay safe out there. Puts shit in perspective.


just saw a jumping spider pounce on a little beetle on the inside of my window screen. 2020 looking up.


You folks are the best. Love my dtoid fam. Thanks for not wanting to kill me for my post yesterday. This world is crazy. Sometimes i think back to The Watchmen, and find the Comedian so effin relatable.


Am i the only one kinda snickering with glee that the dow is falling, major instituons like baseball and ncaa cancelling seasons. Its kinda nice


watch the best, weirdest live show this side of twitch, Tuesdays With Ben Monster


saw this circling the internet, and it's definitely D-toid approved https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zKRBm


watch my friend pull gizzards out of a chickens anus> Only on tuesdays with Ben Monster! https://www.twitch.tv/tuesdayswithbenmonster


Spirit animal right here. I don't think 2020 can be topped. Downhill from here, but also the greatest achievement of mankind.


Found this for $20 at Wax n Facts, little 5 points in Atl, GA. They had another BH album for the same price, Population Override. CD out of print, this was a reissue from 2018. Album sleeve is water damaged, but sound just fine. My fave BH Album ever.


reminded of Takeshi's Castle/MXC, i now want to ask: where is the BR online only version of this game? seems like the perfect game to throw into the Battle Royale genre, and i'd actually play it.


Has anyone played WC3 Reforged? Is it shit? The only bad thing i heard is that it completely replaces the old version if you have it installed and try to play an online game, no og bnet support.


About cockaroachone of us since 5:06 PM on 10.15.2009

Games are great, they provided a sense of agency and escape I could not achieve with books and movies. Games are therapeutic, from Killing zombies, to cutting down trees, to pressing "a" to harvest a mushroom. I like to draw, paint, make music, but somehow I keep coming back to games. They satisfy something very deep in my psyche that I keep coming to.
Music is on par with games, though. Music is my life much moreso than video games could ever be. And I take that shit for granted, I'm so sorry, Music! I can definitely picture myself living a life without video games. I've had before, I know what it's like, you just end up outside a little more often which is cool. But a life without music? Kill me. Oh and i guess I draw and paint too, that's my header image. It's not like I went to school for it or anything (FIT graduate).

My first gaming love is Dark Souls, even though I have been gaming since 8 or so, installing sharewares on my 486, thanks to my dad :). My first music love was found much earlier than DkS: Primus.

Some of my other favorite things in Life:
My Wife
My Mom
My Sister
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Run the Jewels
Wu Tang Clan
Art History
Del The Funkee Homo Sapien
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Video Streaming
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