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Sometimes I look at my steam catalog and just stare at it, wishful of the game i want that I don't have, whatever game that may be or that may not even exist. And then i play DD:DA


2 truths, 1 lie time: 1) I fucking love Dark Souls. 2) I kissed a guy for a joint. 3) i spend too much time on dtoid


Retro Game consoles are up and running in my new home. Wii/PS2 connected via component, SNES/N64 via Svideo, NES via composite, genesis via RFswitch (yuck, but thats my only option). Atari flashback, too, via composite.


The jeff goldblum jeep commercial. Ugh.


Started playing AC:Black Flag, a few weeks ago when it was free on Uplay. Any tips? I just got my boat and started exploring the green seas. I’m enjoying it so far, having a blast sneaking and stealing on land, but what of the sea?


Happy new year, Dtoid, classic Simpsons to ring in the new year! FXX!


A quick belated merry xmas to all my dtoid friends!


I have been enjoying Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle very much. It's cute, and full of fluff, but also funny. Luigi has an ability called Steely Stare (overwatch type ability), which made me chuckle. This game has a lot of heart and love in its details.


Hey Switch owners: any of you notice input issues with Joycon analog sticks? Mine doesn't read correctly in when pressed in one particular direction, causing the character on screen to slow down, like it can't read the input for run in that direction.


Why haven't we talked about the fact the Nintendo Switch CANNOT back up your game saves: if your Switch should crash, like my friend's did, and are required to send it to Nintendo for repairs, kiss your saves goodbye, they'll be wiped and gone forever!


Clearly, I spent too much time on this, and it had been festering too long in my head before making this image.


Just saw a Japanese ad on the Switch newscast. It was emotional drivel, but I saw the roster, and....oh man, I cannot wait. [Hyping intensifies.]


Poop toid question, what is your fave distraction while sitting on a shitter, waiting for shit to move?


Finally got a job after bumming around my apt at my wife's expense. Good way to end summer.


sometimes it still feels like SEGA does what Nintendont; I could walk into my local target today (which I did) and purchase (which I did not) the SEGA Genesis Classic. Although dubious in quality, it is available, official, and plays old cartridges.


Saw this at Target today and made me chuckle. I wonder how many more of these were manufactured than the device itself.


getting ready for a video gaming weekend getaway. I'm bringing the wii and n64, someone else is bringing 2 ps4's. SSBM, MKDD and Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii, plus 4 gc controllers. N64 and PD, MK64, Turok2, ExG, SSB, and mario party. Game on.


Does Bloodborne feature excessive amounts of flying buttresses?


The Very Best Flying Buttresses of Dark Souls

These are the best of the best flying buttresses of all Dark Souls, and possibly of all time. What is a flying butress, you ask?  Have you not heard the good word? It's a simple, yet ingenious piece of engineering that allowed som...


About cockaroachone of us since 5:06 PM on 10.15.2009

Games are great, they provided a sense of agency and escape I could not achieve with books and movies. Games are therapeutic, from Killing zombies, to cutting down trees, to pressing "a" to harvest a mushroom. I like to draw, paint, make music, but somehow I keep coming back to games. They satisfy something very deep in my psyche that I keep coming to.
Music is on par with games, though. Music is my life much moreso than video games could ever be. And I take that shit for granted, I'm so sorry, Music! I can definitely picture myself living a life without video games. I've had before, I know what it's like, you just end up outside a little more often which is cool. But a life without music? Kill me. Oh and i guess I draw and paint too, that's my header image. It's not like I went to school for it or anything (FIT graduate).

My first gaming love is Dark Souls, even though I have been gaming since 8 or so, installing sharewares on my 486, thanks to my dad :). My first music love was found much earlier than DkS: Primus.

Some of my other favorite things in Life:
My Wife
My Mom
My Sister
My Dad
Run the Jewels
Wu Tang Clan
Art History
Del The Funkee Homo Sapien
Tony Iommi
Video Streaming
Charlie Kelly
Buster Bluth
Liz Lemon
Jamming on my Bass
Andy Dwyer
Sterling Mallory Archer
Louise Belcher
Fuckin' Birds, ALL OF THEM
Science and Nature
Feeling the wind in my armpits on a hot summer day
Rodney Mullen
The Fragile
Hellbilly Deluxe
Evil Empire
Mos Def
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