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First Ross Perot dies and then Don Imus!? 2020 lookin great


Got Resident Evil 2 for Xmas! It is tense!


Im gonna be upset if dtoid staff dont pick Dark Souls as a game that defined the decade. That game defined the 2010’s like no other, with its own sequels, bloodborne, and influence. Don't forget all the years of hearing “the dark souls of...”


Sitting hers, waiting for Puddles to come out and play. Anyone else heard of Puddles Pity Party? Hes a very tall clown with a beautiful voice that covers pop, rock, and xmas songs


I'm not much for cape comics and their ilk, but for real: when can I play Into the Spider-verse? I would buy that game in a heartbeat.


Me doing my best to impersonate the poster boy behind me. NYCC here I come!


My early morning #selfietoid heading to the airport. Destination: NYC FOR NYCC IN NY,NY, SEE? its early, forgive me


Any of you nerds check out the anime Cannon Busters on Netflix? Pretty damn good. Its a fun adventure-type anime, reminding me of some of the best parts of Dragon Ball, Outlaw Star, and Cowboy Bebop (sans yoko kanno).


More pants need stealth drawstrings. Got some jeans/trousers from Uniqlo, they are excellent, nice looking, and have a drawstring I did not anticipate but welcomed


after all these years, why is the follow page still showing up empty? Has there been a fix to this?


for some reason the pic didn't show in my qpost last night


nother night, nother dinosaur with a wee bit too much insight


My bloodborne/plant inspired dino thing. Don't usually post my art here, or anywhere, really. I havent had an art blog since like 2013, nor have i pursued it with any gusto since that time either. Felt good to go back to it, here's to more!


Omg, if Frank's slowly disfiguring face in the last episode of season 13 wasn't the funniest thing I've seen is such a long time. And it was a really good episode, a high mark for sure. What are some of yalls' fave IASP moments?


one episode left to go in Stranger Things s3, and so far i've enjoyed about 2 thirds more than i did the other third, that is, the three main plot threads. more in comments, spoilers ahead.


I chuckled when I heard Ross Perot died today on my commute drive to work


yakuza 0 is too good already. a few hours in, chapter 1 beaten. so melodramatic and over the top. i. love. it.


exclusive look at skate birb at benmonster.com


I have a question for ps4 and PC owners of sekiro, but spoliers inbound. Please check the comment.


Bench pressing bodacious babes, in bikinis, is the best body building craze! you dump those barbells and the fancy wheights, cuz we can guarantee that yer gonna look great! Did anyone els watch the bash brothers thing on netflix? Love it


Anyone else reminded of Bowser's world from Mario Odyssey when they were playing through Aegina Castle in Sekiro? I'm not alone am I?


Spoiler alert: I like Sekiro! It's hard to resist the temptation to look stuff up online, only because I don't want to spoil myself. More in comments


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Games are great, they provided a sense of agency and escape I could not achieve with books and movies. Games are therapeutic, from Killing zombies, to cutting down trees, to pressing "a" to harvest a mushroom. I like to draw, paint, make music, but somehow I keep coming back to games. They satisfy something very deep in my psyche that I keep coming to.
Music is on par with games, though. Music is my life much moreso than video games could ever be. And I take that shit for granted, I'm so sorry, Music! I can definitely picture myself living a life without video games. I've had before, I know what it's like, you just end up outside a little more often which is cool. But a life without music? Kill me. Oh and i guess I draw and paint too, that's my header image. It's not like I went to school for it or anything (FIT graduate).

My first gaming love is Dark Souls, even though I have been gaming since 8 or so, installing sharewares on my 486, thanks to my dad :). My first music love was found much earlier than DkS: Primus.

Some of my other favorite things in Life:
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