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@Jed Whitaker in your article about river city ransome underground you can't discount its sequel just because it did come out in America. Because there is a sequel for rcr called Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zen'in Shūgō! On famicom.


About Funwithdigitalgunsone of us since 4:21 PM on 09.21.2019

I Love video games there is not a day in my life I don't game and I grew up during the evolution of video games on the PC as well as consoles. Playing old school pc like King's Quest and my first Console was an Intellvision followed by the Commodore 64. I consider myself a hard core gamer that could bore people with my over abundance of video game knowledge.
That all said my entire gaming life today is my phone and I can here a lot of people gasping and maybe even calling me not a real gamer because all I use is an android. Hold on!!! Before you wrestle me to the ground and take away my gamer card android has a lot of wonderful games on it and a lot of great ways if your to play old school pc and console games. So I am always satisfied in my gaming life.
My hope is to shine more light on what great devices cell phones are for gaming and how they could be a formidable contender in the gaming market. My focus is mainly Android because that is what I use.
Because my hope for the future is that there would be more and more deep gaming experiences on mobile. Because it is amazing how powerful and versatile these phones are and they are something you always have with you.
Currently I have played and beat games like Max Payne and Bully (Rockstar's grand theft auto in high school if you are unfamiliar with it.). If my low end android can handle and allow me to play threw these complex games what else is possible for the platform? That is what I hope to write about here. Because I unlike other people see the potinetal of the all in one device we carry everywhere with us.
If things go well I hope to make contact with companies that think the way I do about this wonderful device and talk about the future as well as the present state of gaming (When I say gaming I mean real games not the pay to win or the match 3 that will always be present but in depth games)android.
I want to share my gaming life as strictly an android gamer for the last 7 or 8 years. To hopefully show you what that little thing in your pocket is capable of doing. Hopefully have you look at your phone differently. To show you what you have been missing.