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Flip Wars"Flip out"


The Defenders (Season 1)"Masters of karate and friendship for everyone"


Death Note"Try original anime first, also on Netflix"


The Long Dark"Winter is here"


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I mentioned earlier that Ive been having difficulty swallowing My doctor thinks it might be scarring due to years of acid Makes sense to Going to schedule a Barium Swallow at some point in the Heres a song Heroic Acts :D

Silver Luso

These are truly problems I feel with


I may have discovered some things about myself that I dont really want to admit or accept lol


Fresh from Occams garden!


Oh man, the theme of the villain of Sonic Forces is so Kinda surprised that nobody else talked about


Hipster cat Pikse prefers bags to


My boss finally send me to a new This will be my home the next couple of I love my I love my I love my I love my I love my


SponbeBob is my favorite


I enjoy creeping out people IRL a little too I havent done that to any of you yet, right? Maybe its time to

Chris Moyse

Theyre gonna replace us :(


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