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I have enough money to get either Resident Evil 2 or Metro Exodus. Which one should I get?


I'm like 8 hours into Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and loving it so far. Although I've spent too much money cooking for old lady munchies.


What's your favourite game from each console generation?


What older series would you like to see make a comeback? For me it would be Legacy of Kain - particularly souls reaver but I'd take anything in that universe that's not a multiplayer shooter.


I think I've narrowed down my two favourite things in gaming: tension and exploration. I like combat or decisions to force me to pay attention and learn, and I love exploring maps and uncovering everything. It explains a lot of my favourites.


I know a lot of people weren't into it, but I'm really enjoying Chasm at the moment. It's a really solid metroidvania game - it controls responsively and it's decently challenging. I like having to work out how each enemy behaves as hits do huge damage.


What is the moment that has creeped you out or disturbed you the most in a video game? For me it would have to be that mirror scene in silent hill 3.


So my partner randomly bolted upright from her sleep said "don't worry, we'll just glue water to the walls so it looks like a squirtle did it." I have a lot of questions.


Just finished Prey and it's going in my all time favourites. It has its problems, mainly the last quarter being a bit of a drag and the story not reaching its full potential. Also the nightmare is too easy to avoid and should be better at hunting you.


I love Prey but man these load times are obnoxious, especially in the last third where you're hopping from area to area quickly and spend 30 seconds in a level and a minute loading. Not to mention npcs interrupting each other all the goddamn time...


Goddamn these new ps4 box arts are beautiful. It's a shame they're only available in the UK, I want them! There's more here: https://au.ign.com/articles/2019/09/06/playstation-reveals-beautiful-new-box-art-for-ps4-exclusives


Who are your current favourite game studios? Mine are: from software, arkane studios, nihon falcom, team cherry, and naughty dog.


I think the immersive sim might be my favourite genre. I love their emphasis on exploration and worldbuilding, and how they encourage you to think to bypass obstacles. I love how they encourage you to inhabit a space rather than just move through levels.


Horror doesn't have to be scary. It can be tense, disturbing, or even just plain cool. Judging horror by its "scariness" is just plain silly, as fear is subjective and if you're into horror media you're probably decensitised to most of its tricks anyway.


Playing Prey at the moment. It's fucking excellent so far, it has one of the coolest openings I've seen in a game. It's dripping with atmosphere and an absolute joy to explore every inch of talos 1. The enemies are well designed and terrifying. Loving it.


Controversial opinion: super castlevania iv is one of the weaker classic-vanias. It's kind of ugly, and a lot of sections feel more like tech demos than well designed levels. I think iii, bloodlines, and especially rondo of blood are much better.


What's a TV show, movie, or book/comic you'd love to see made into a game, and what studio do you think should make it? Personally, I'd love to see what yoko taro could do with madoka magic - or Sam Barlow do his Her Story schtick with the Blair witch.


Just want to say this community seems really awesome so far. Lots of decent folk here and ya'll seem really supportive of each other. Looks like I'll stick around if you'll have me.


Playing through the ashes of ariandel dlc for ds3 and man... Fuck friede.


Seriously though, how aren't there any metroid prime imitators?


Follow up to my last question: what's a game no one seems to like that you do?


Replaying Dark Souls 3 and I'm a lot more positive on it this time around. It's the most consistent game in the series, doesn't have the highs of others but also doesn't have the lows either. The second half is also way better than the first half.


Only new game this year I've played is Sekiro. What am I missing out on guys? I'm thinking RE2 or control will be my next purchase.


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