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I've always loved how obnoxiously long this was. I should start playing it every time I do something minor, like take out the trash or start the dishwasher.


Oh man, Puzzle Quest. I didn't realize how nostalgic it would make me until that music kicked in. And it's so much better with a touchscreen, it's hard to imagine I played it without one before.


Been playing Kirby's Dream Land 3 co-op with my 4yo. It's been a lot of fun, but him tanking enemy projectiles and stealing my health with respawns is making Adeleine(/Ado) way harder than usual. Anyone know where I can get a Gooey plush? 4yo loves him.


If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Prower.


Aaaaand that's my PS+ expired. Does anyone else find expired subs kind of freeing? Now I don't have to get in all my PS+ freebies and online multiplayer before a deadline. I can take my time doing whatever without feeling like I'm wasting my sub.


Uncharted 4 or Dragon Age: Inquisition?


It suddenly occurs to me that the only 2019 games I've gotten this year are Super Mario Maker 2 and Ring Fit. Everything else is from 2017/2018 or a retro re-release. I guess that's how it goes when you're constantly waiting for price drops.


Those who complain about squats in Ring Fit obviously haven’t unlocked planks yet. Holy crap.


I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about Calvin & Hobbes, despite not reading it for years. Ask me trivia questions about it, and I'll give my best answer without looking it up. Try to stump the Owl!


Just watched "The Toys That Made Us" episode about TMNT. I used to eat, sleep, and breathe TMNT back in the early 90s, so of course I owned/recognize 3/4 of what was shown. Also, Konami, PUT OUT A TMNT COLLECTION YOU COWARDS


Today's game with the 4yo: Joe & Mac 2. A bit shorter than I was expecting, but that's probably because I made liberal use of save states to bypass the occasional bullshit difficulty. Gameplay isn't great but the visuals are, especially the bosses.


I hope Sword/Shield is great, I really do. I've loved the series too much for too long to simply hope that it bombs. Only time will tell if it's as bad as it's been made out to be. In the meantime, enjoy it if you got it. I'll be watching.


Remember to make use of the RPG elements in Ring Fit! It sucks to fight Dragaux for a solid 10 minutes of workout time, then lose because you're still in the starting gear and ab guard can only do so much.


The 4yo seems to enjoy SMB2. "You can't go in the mouth door, that's too dangerous!" And after my failures of World 2, "I don't think you're very good at this." Thanks.


That's a wrap on Kirby's Adventure. Didn't leave quite the impression that Yoshi's Island did, but it was still fun. Watching him get all excited literally every time I entered a door was funny.


Gonna take a sec to shill for Custom Game Cases. Looking forward to finding permanent homes for the rest of my GB/C/A and N64 games! Alas, the original cardboard didn't stand the test of time in most cases.


Ryu: "I made Smash more like a fighting game!" Terry: "Hold my hat."


Mr. Moyse always wishing everyone a good weekend, so time to return the favor. Happy Birthday!


The next "game with 4yo" has been chosen: Kirby's Adventure. He beat 1-1 by himself, but I've done most of the playing from there. Highlights include: "That's not a boss, that's a tree!" and "The tree boss was sad. I want you to leave him alone."


Everyone: "Death Stranding looks great/terrible/meh!" Me: "Holy crap, most of my chao will be old enough to vote in six months"


I was weak, Destructoid. I tried to play Overwatch last night; I wanted that banshee Moira skin real bad. But fate (and updates) ensured that I never got past the title screen. I thought maybe I should take that as a sign, so I will resist.


To my fellow Ring Fitters: Be sure you know the proper stance for squats. It makes things much easier, and your knees will thank you. Human accordion = bad, pop that booty = good.


Booted up Ring Fit for the first time. I knew I was in trouble when I started sweating before I began Chapter 1.


Doc said I was too fat, so wifey made me get Switch Ring Wii Fit Adventure Quest. She's a keeper, that one.


Why does Hulk, the largest Avenger, not simply eat the other five?


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