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Yoshi's Island continues to fascinate my 4yo. Beat World 3 today, and he still can't get over the Prince Froggy encounter. "You were stuck in the frog!" And the flower that got really big. He was talking about it for HOURS.


My 4yo watched me play Yoshi's Island for the first time yesterday, then kept talking about it the rest of the day. He likes "the big cloud that comes up behind you".


TFW you need to fart to release pressure but all you have left are solids.


I fed a hamburger to a cow once. I'm not proud of it.


Me IRL: 30-something man with wife and kids and chest hair. Me online:


Am I correct to assume that I have to make a separate Disqus account to change my avatar for comments?


You know you've gone full adult when you recognize the symbol for "tumble dry low".


Posting on Destructoid after years of lurking is like working up the courage to finally talk to that cute girl and her gaggle of friends, but it turns out they're all really nice.


I could eat a Papa John's pizza comprised entirely of crust if provided with sufficient amounts of garlic butter.


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