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What's the largest pet that's socially acceptable to flush when it passes away?


It makes a bit more sense now that I see this pic again.


Is this how the "other" people felt while I was getting all excited for Terry?


Alright, screw this. I’m turning the God of War difficulty down to normal. I do not need to be struggling with every other encounter, or I’ll end up hating the game.


Since we're all on the downvote-fueled hate train today.


I'm not meta enough to know when I'm supposed to downvote for humor's sake.


Well this is mathematically impossible. I assume Netflix is to blame.


I beat Super Mario Odyssey yesterday. It's as good as everyone says.


"And I could see by the dawning horror on his face that perhaps we had strained history too far this time... That by trying to alter my fate, he may have introduced a fatal paradox."


God of War 2018 is an excellent game, but dang it if those troll fights aren’t some of the most unfun shit I’ve seen in any God of War game.


Sparta spelled backwards is Atraps. Combine that with Zeus and you get Atreus, which also contains the letters of "Ares" in order. God of War is fun.


Playing God of War on hard mode for my first run may have been a mistake.


While I would have originally said that the golden era ended in 2005ish, I guess even sites like Facebook and YouTube had their "wild west" eras when they were still fun. Makes me appreciate smaller places like Destructoid, and yes, even GameFAQs.


Does anyone still play SMITE? I've been kind of itching for a MOBA lately, but I'm a bit wary after I had to ban myself from LoL due to its crazy slow dripfeed of currency and how I felt like I HAD to get the daily win to make any progress.


Was pretty excited to finally play the Melee-themed Smash tourney event last night, only to find that it's all 4-player. And of course one person is using McDonald's wifi and ruining it for the rest of us about 75% of the time.


Holy crap, I finally realized where I’ve heard Bowser’s SMO theme from. It’s the SMB1 airship theme that was created for Super Mario Maker. Now that it’s “canon”, I wonder if they’ll use other SMM original themes going forward.


As the first attack at my backlog, I started up God of War 2k18. I like how it makes you feel like it's a reboot at first, but then you're quickly reminded that this is still the same Kratos you know and love.


If you have a large backlog and it's difficult to decide what to play next, I suggest sorting by platform and then by high/med/low priority. That really helps narrow down your choices, assuming you start with the high priority stuff (why wouldn't you?).


Playing Super Kirby Clash with the 4yo, and it's fairly fun. Then we encountered Parallel Nightmare for the first time, and I suddenly realized that we might have a pretty dang good game on our hands.


Happy birthday Soul Glo or whatever


Everybody here celebrating the new year while I’m still stuck in crummy old 2019. Enjoy the fresh new decade, ya rat bastards.


Here's a visual representation of (almost) every game I've bought/received between Thanksgiving week and now. I think 2020 is going to have to be the Year of the Backlog.


Bowser combed his hair for SMO and it's totes adorbs. <3


My top 5 games for 2019: Super Mario Maker 2. That’s it! Everything else I played was from 2017/2018, if not earlier.


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