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The 4yo seems to enjoy SMB2. "You can't go in the mouth door, that's too dangerous!" And after my failures of World 2, "I don't think you're very good at this." Thanks.


That's a wrap on Kirby's Adventure. Didn't leave quite the impression that Yoshi's Island did, but it was still fun. Watching him get all excited literally every time I entered a door was funny.


Gonna take a sec to shill for Custom Game Cases. Looking forward to finding permanent homes for the rest of my GB/C/A and N64 games! Alas, the original cardboard didn't stand the test of time in most cases.


Ryu: "I made Smash more like a fighting game!" Terry: "Hold my hat."


Mr. Moyse always wishing everyone a good weekend, so time to return the favor. Happy Birthday!


The next "game with 4yo" has been chosen: Kirby's Adventure. He beat 1-1 by himself, but I've done most of the playing from there. Highlights include: "That's not a boss, that's a tree!" and "The tree boss was sad. I want you to leave him alone."


Everyone: "Death Stranding looks great/terrible/meh!" Me: "Holy crap, most of my chao will be old enough to vote in six months"


I was weak, Destructoid. I tried to play Overwatch last night; I wanted that banshee Moira skin real bad. But fate (and updates) ensured that I never got past the title screen. I thought maybe I should take that as a sign, so I will resist.


To my fellow Ring Fitters: Be sure you know the proper stance for squats. It makes things much easier, and your knees will thank you. Human accordion = bad, pop that booty = good.


Booted up Ring Fit for the first time. I knew I was in trouble when I started sweating before I began Chapter 1.


Doc said I was too fat, so wifey made me get Switch Ring Wii Fit Adventure Quest. She's a keeper, that one.


Why does Hulk, the largest Avenger, not simply eat the other five?


Women pregnant with boys be like


That's a wrap on Yoshi's Island with the 4yo. Baby Bowser was so cute, apparently. He squished the floor, then the blue bird made him real big. He kept saying "moo" when he breathed fire. And as an added bonus, we found Baby Luigi in the back.


Yoshi's Island with the 4yo continued today. Highlights include the big happy turtle that's ticklish and the big black bird that chases you on the moon. World 6 and final boss probably tomorrow, let's hope that goes over well.


When asked "what will you play for Halloween?", everyone says something like Hauntdeath 4: The Bloodening or whatever. Meanwhile, I'm gonna be over here grabbing Master Emerald shards at Pumpkin Hill.


I'd like a laaaaarge WHAT (Happy Thursday)


I'm not familiar with this site or how credible it is, but it sounds like Lab Zero is dedicated to fixing the issues with Indivisible: https://gamepress.gg/indivisible-dev-addresses-difficulty-falloff-promises-game-improvements


Created a new character in Bloodborne to try and join the "Return to Yharnam" event. About 5 minutes in, I realized that any skills/interest I had in Souls games has apparently been transferred wholesale to Monster Hunter.


Yoshi's Island continues to fascinate my 4yo. Beat World 3 today, and he still can't get over the Prince Froggy encounter. "You were stuck in the frog!" And the flower that got really big. He was talking about it for HOURS.


My 4yo watched me play Yoshi's Island for the first time yesterday, then kept talking about it the rest of the day. He likes "the big cloud that comes up behind you".


TFW you need to fart to release pressure but all you have left are solids.


I fed a hamburger to a cow once. I'm not proud of it.


Me IRL: 30-something man with wife and kids and chest hair. Me online:


Am I correct to assume that I have to make a separate Disqus account to change my avatar for comments?


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