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Here I am, getting all excited for new Yacht Club announcements, when my lazy ass still hasn't beaten Treasure Trove beyond playing Shovel of Hope 5 years ago.


Technically the 19th, but still


New Ring Fit arch-nemesis: Mountain Climbers


Finished the story for God of War last night, excellent stuff. Still a lot of game left between me and a platinum, but I’m looking forward to completing it. The quest continues!


Nook is an inspiration to us all.


Legit question: Does Animal Crossing excel at anything that wouldn't already be covered by a combination of Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Stardew Valley being in my backlog?


Holy crap, God of War just got real. Spoilers in comments.


Decided it’s been long enough since my last Ocarina playthrough (almost 5 years!), so I started up Master Quest because why not. Just different enough to keep me off-balance. Played this game over a half-dozen times, but why do I not remember this roo


Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! Try not to be bitter. If you're in a relationship, spend some quality time with your SO, and if you're single:


I watched Detective Pikachu the other night, which reminded me of how much I’ve loved Pokemon over the years. Or rather, it reminded me of how I love what the series used to be. Makes me want to play the old games and not keep up with the new stuff.


I've officially lowered my standards for what is deserving of a Qpost. You've been warned. (Also, possibly NSFW)


God of War continues to be awesome. Setting the difficulty to Normal has improved things greatly. Though I think I'm going to change the nickname from "Dad of Boy" to "Dad of Boat" or perhaps "Crate Punching Simulator 2018".


I find that trying to lose weight is the only time I get excited about diarrhea.


Name a Nickelodeon show that you think no one remembers.


Hashtag Throwback Thursday


Thanks to the news article, I decided to give Frog Fractions a try. I was not disappointed.


Many classic Pokemon themes have their nostalgia watered down for me because they have been reused/remixed over the years. Not this one. This thing picks me up and drops me right back in 2000. I used to do this battle repeatedly just to hear this song.


Finally got back into Ring Fit after a month-and-a-half hiatus. It didn't destroy me like I thought it might. I even survived planks! I guess it helps that I finally got my lardass under 200 in the interim.


I'd love to build a MAME machine, but AFAIK it's largely impossible to do so without resorting to piracy. Stupid copyright laws.


I'm still playing Super Mario Odyssey and hearing "Jump Up Superstar" is already making me nostalgic. That thing is gonna hit hard in about ten years.


Warm takes: The best thing Vanillaware has done since Odin Sphere is the remake of Odin Sphere, Super Mario 3D World has the best (if not most iconic) OST in the Mario franchise, and the N64 controller is pretty great.


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