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What's a game you would like Destructoid to review? Wether it's a old game obscure game or not well known. Or I don't know you get off to bugging people to review crappy games.(Cough cough...Sou....)


Random but I would recomend taking a look at Horace. Seems like intresting its on steam. Actualy only heard it from a Yahtze review of it. And it was kinda postive for some of it? Seems like not much people are talking about it.


Our cat died today. Parents found him knocked down on the road. Didn't even last a year and a half. His name was Stubs nice energetic cat. With losing the dog it was easier to accept considering he lived so long.


For the peps that played Builders 2 can you answer me something? Did they fix up the day night cycle and hunger requirments. I am loving the first but the night coming so quick and spawning those telport enemies is behond annoying same for the hunger.


What's your favourite scripted/unscripted co-op moment in a game? If its a big spoiler for a game please just use a spoiler tag for everybody else's sake thank you.


Tech question. I am so confuswd by the Nivida Quadro P600 graphics card. With the laptops I am looking at it it says it is 4GB . But it seems other places say it is actualy 2GB. Which is it? Pics in comments to show what I mean.


What's the weirdest/dreamisest/tripest game you have ever played know of or have watched? I'm thinking maybe a game like Pathlogical or the weird Sega Game where you train a tallking fish man thing or the sega game that seemed to be a dream LSD simulator.


Can all you computer wises here clear something up for me please? It is possible for a laptop to have two graphics cards? Found a really nice looking laptop says it has two though and have yet to see that in much laptops.Pics and links to laptop incomment


Well spent about 5 days of research looking up laptops. Found the perfect one on dell but seems I didn't realise they don't include the Vat at checkout. Fuck me back to square one. Vat put the price up by nearly an extra €300.


Guys guys Astrail Chain has a photo mode and cats and dogs and you can pet the dogs. Can't beat that, intrestingly enough people have said it seems the game is more like Wonderfuo 101 then Bayoneta.


What are some of the harshet diffculity spikes you went through with a game? I'm guessing probably a lot of ps2 and snes games apply for this. Not really played much of those games myself.


Anybody here have good recommendations for a portable battery chargers for a switch? I thought of trying to get the new one but ehhh. I don't trust the switch's transfer option and if I trade it I will probably get €200 at most.Switchs cost €330 here


Saw taterchimp say he was going to talk about how to balance Three Houses harder diffcuilty. Got me thinking what are the games you found had the best diffculity systems? Not just the harder diffculity the easy diffculity too.


What's your favourite useless video game mechanic? Stuff like the quack button in Duck Game the curse button in Overcooked humming in Transistor smoking a cigarette in Vanquish and so on. I think my favourite might be the Transistor one


What is the most amount of progress you lost in a game? Wether is from dying, corrupted save, somebody saving over your save and so on. Pour one out FakePlastictree for losing all their saves on their ps4.


This is real. The button eyes really give me a vibe of the movie Coraline. (Loved that movie). This Persona 5 crossover event is for a mobile free to play game called Identity V. Seems to be a Dead By Daylight like game.


What do you find to be annpying gimmicks/features/parts in games?I'll put mine in the comments.


Nearing the end of Blood and Wine(its been a blast).It had me thinking has Paris been done well as a setting for a game so far?All I can think of is Rememmber Me and Sabetour can't think of any others set in Paris that I know.


Whats a character you really hated at first but then later they really grew on you?For me it might be Papryus in Undertale Geralt in Witcher 3 (forgive me) Kiryu in Yakuza 0(again forgive me) 2B and 9S from Nier Automata.(triple forgive me)


What's your favourite boss fight in a game and what do you value most in a boss fight?For me maybe the Singer robot boss fight in Nier Automata.Hollow Knights boss fighta Plantium Games boss fights.Metal Gear solid games,Iconoclasts,Arkham games.


Whats your favourite end sections in a video game?As in its last mission/dungeon/world or something.Please use spoiler tags for everybody else sake if you are going to say something very spoilery thanks.


Fire Emblem Three houses is down to 43 pounds already on Amazon now just so you know.


Peter takes no shit it seems in the comments good to see.


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