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God dammit our college sent out a email there saying the next academic year will be a mixture of face to face and more online learning. Really was hoping we could just go back to normal next semtser.


Own Odin Sphere Lefitsaur was just looking at it today and saw Vanillaware actualy already released a new game. Called 13 Sentientles Aegis Rim. Looks pretty intresting to me actualy. I don't really follow Vanilla Ware just the game popped up for me.


Trying to do some research for accesiable game controler designs and actualy never heard of Xbox's Adaptive Game Controler. Have a lot of issues with Microsoft but seeing a big company like that spend the time resources and money to make this was lovely.


Finished up Red Dead 2 the other day well I got to the epiplogue so pretty much finished. Went back to Prey had a playthrough about 22 hours in. Man Prey is so fun, I know it has its problems but I am loving it so far find it very addicting to go through.


Huh just learned there Jim Sterling plays a character in 2064 does voice acting for it. I don't mind him but being the honest the voice acting sounds crap just sounds like him talking really. Still cool to see that. Noticed the game from its switch sale


Has anybody here had internet providers give you way off figures for your internet usage of the month? We rang up there and they said we used 1Tb in a month but I mean our internet speed is 1mbps.7 of us sure but ita not like were downloading 80Gb games


Think I asked this beforr but whats your favourite genre mash up game and if you don't have one what would your dream genre mash up game be?


What's your favourite and least favourite joke said in a video game? Spoiler tags if needed of course please.


They announced the date for the Journeys End update for PC for Terraia May 16 2020. Seeing Concerned Ape commenting on it is pretty wholesome. Looking foward to it coming out at last.


Seems Jessie isn't the only voice actor that did a character in Persona 5 for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Kyrie Canaan in 7 did the voice of Ann. Sounds good.


Sell one of your favourite games to me in 8 words or less.


PSA PSA West of Loathing's dlc came out for the switch version. Waied ages for that and it kept getting delayed with no word on it and heard nothing about it until I checked it there on the eshop.


PSA PSA West of Loathing's dlc came out for the switch version. Waied ages for that and it kept getting delayed with no word on it and heard nothing about it until I checked it there on the eshop.


@Bateman I remember you talking shit about the movie with The Harry Potter guy with the gun arms. Well there is a movie Equilibrium staring you were you use guns like kun fu/martial. Seems you truly are the worst one even the Harry guy never went that far




Spicey take Horizon Zero Dawn God Of War and Resident Evil 2 Remake were all ehhh games. Remakes are pretty lazy and if they just do all the same content should just be a port instead. Terry was boring in smash.Smash Ultimate is a fighting game.


Look at that our boi ScionVyse with 3.2k subscribers. I don't see a subscriber amount as a way of showing your work is the best or brillant but regardless imo at least, thats still pretty damn impressive!


I was thinking of one from Hotline Miami or Nier Automata but they felt too obvious. I guess this one kinda is a bit too. "Is it 1358 yet?,""No,""Then fuck off!"


Thought I would also take a crack at Neronium's Favourite Game Meme. I also limited it to games I played. Got a bad memory did this quickly and am indeciviness so if I spent longer I probably would be able to come up with a better answer.


Played some Baba is You earlier and was thinking about The Witness. Got me thinking what are some of your favourite puzzle games over the last decade?


Been going back to Red Dead 2 lately and damn its nice to see a irish character that doesn't make me embrassed to think people actualy believe any Irish person would be like that. Its always the accents they do a shit job on and making them boring as hell


Happy B day Riff Raff may it be full of cats and other stuff but most importantly cats. You always seem to be mostly postive/happy about stuff. Its nice to have you around here.


Just saw this there, if you claim a free giveaway game with the Epic Game store you get one of those €10 cupons.


Yo yo Riff Raff got on my break now and I got a copy of Tyranny and Pillars. Wondering which game you recommened to try first for a newcomer to this genre of games? The combats micromanaging from what I heard of Pillars does look indimating.


Looked at Gamestops black friday sales here. €50 for the limited edition of Fire Emblem Three Houses I don't care about collector editions but thats very tempting hmmmm. But I am no Bateman will keep it to one game to buy for now.


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