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Finaly got to buy and downkpad that humble bundle rpg bundle. Pillars and Tyranny run really well on my laptop so happy! And just as a reminder the Chapter 9 dlc for Celeste came out today.(Didn't see anything on Destuctpid metioning that yet)


Just so people know it seems Overwatch's switch physical verison is just going to have a digital code. So your waiting and paying for just a piece of plastic and a most likely generic one sided cover for the game. Haven't seen much places mention it.


Oh Nintendo there is always some form of a catch to you. Pretty minor thing but I noticed with the switch 7 day free trial your jot allowed to play the Snes games. Yes it barely effects anybody much now stupid to do it though imo. Let people test it out.


Should have seen that coming that they would put a joke there appreicated all the same.


What's your most regretable accidental video game action/choice? As in if you played Fallout and accidently killed your favourite companion. And for a choice if you were mashing the a button during dialog and accidently seletced a option you didn't want


Oh nice seems CD Project Red said we are getting more witcher in terms of a game after Cybperunk 2077. Ciri witcher game would be awesome but I can't see them doing it wrong with any character or a new one. I'm fine with no Geralt he had a nice ending.


I have no intrest in getting Borderlands 3 but that is pretty cool. Quiet like his you tube channel. Saw somebody say it in the comments of that Monster Hunter girlfriend reviews video.


Good looks like no price switch bump bullshit for Ori on the switch. Will probably get it at launch now.


Going to get a usb drawing tablet touchpad for my laptop soon. Triggerpig king gave me a good recomenadtion of a Wacom one (thanks again!) Just looking for more suggestions. More details in the comments and one touhpad that seems to be the best I can find


God damn it I was looking foward to Risk of Rain 2 on switch. It's already out but they bumped the digital switch verison up by a extra €10. I know porting isn't easy and needs to be paid for but this keeps feeling more and more greedy each time.


God damn it I was looking foward to Risk of Rain 2 on switch. It's already out but they bumped the digital switch verison up by a extra €10. I know porting isn't easy and needs to be paid for but this keeps feeling more and more greedy each time.


F U C K I N G F I N A L L Y. Finally got my new third level bank card today. Went in what must have been a month and a half ago to do this. Kept getting bullshit each time of the 5 times I went in about. Fuck banks fuck them good.


Can anybody confirm how Control's performance is on a base ps4? Been hearing in a few places it can get pretty bad. As long as they fix it up in time it should be fine. Was going to try and get it soon but seems it's getting an expanison pass.


I remember somebody here was waiting for a game of the year edition for Spiderman. Your waiting has paid off! Shame I only beat Spiderman recently got sick of waiting and wasn't going to pay €20 for that dlc.


Soulbow must have been busy making 135 five star reviews here for Rainbow Six Siege. Weird that The Council has no user reviews on this.


I noticed there are a few drawing people here. Going to get a touchpad drawing usb thing for my laptop. I guess my price thrseshold is €50 or so. Any reccomendations? And reccomendations for good drawing pens?


Got my laptop today. Shipping time was only 2 working days. More pics of it and specs in the comments. It's a HP ZBook 15 G5 Mobile Workstation. Thanks to everybody who gave me answers with questions about laptops!


What's the most stupid weakness of a video game character you have seen? Spoiler tag please I guess if it's a big spoiler for the game. Going to go with the obvious one and say Quiet.


What's a game you would like Destructoid to review? Wether it's a old game obscure game or not well known. Or I don't know you get off to bugging people to review crappy games.(Cough cough...Sou....)


Random but I would recomend taking a look at Horace. Seems like intresting its on steam. Actualy only heard it from a Yahtze review of it. And it was kinda postive for some of it? Seems like not much people are talking about it.


Our cat died today. Parents found him knocked down on the road. Didn't even last a year and a half. His name was Stubs nice energetic cat. With losing the dog it was easier to accept considering he lived so long.


For the peps that played Builders 2 can you answer me something? Did they fix up the day night cycle and hunger requirments. I am loving the first but the night coming so quick and spawning those telport enemies is behond annoying same for the hunger.


What's your favourite scripted/unscripted co-op moment in a game? If its a big spoiler for a game please just use a spoiler tag for everybody else's sake thank you.


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