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Playing Rimworld again, this time I'm not aiming for endgame I'm going to make the most profitable weed farm ever.


Thinking of doing a compendium review of a bunch of popular games. Mostly so people can look through for things they are familiar with to compare their opinions to mine. That or list of my most played this year.


Started disco elysium. The writing is nuts like, so many clever tricks and the way it is woven into the game is amazing. One of those "only a videogame can attempt this" situations.


Played a 3 hour game of Rimworld that had a bunch of highs and plenty of lows. Everyone died but I fired an orbital lazor so that's great.


Playing The Outer Worlds The Wrong Way

A warning: this post is going to feature spoilers. Please play the game first as this will ruin tons of the game. Not even in the fun way, but in an awful way where the game is best on a first play through and you're about to learn to...


Ended up not finishing the BoB this month cause apparently none of the games I have in the backlog had endings. I beat bl3 like, 4 times. And while Freeman: Guerilla Warfare released this month, I felt it'd be weird to talk about a game I didn't finish.


Man that last post got so much more attention than I was expecting. I feel like I still need to work on my delivery. There is some really dry stuff in there.


BoB - Solitiare, and I can explain

My most relaxing game is Solitaire. I've played it for hours, developed quite a rhythm with it, and enjoy playing it when I need something to do but don't wanna get up of the couch. I even have a really high score on the Vegas mode, b...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTgPnAaZXrA Absolute banger. No intro has any right being this good.


I picked up Battlefield V cause I was nostalgic for Battlefield again, but man, everything is going so fast. It'll probably take more practice than I'm able to put into it to get good again.


I'm mad that I read a whole manga only for my friend to tell me there was an anime adaptation of it that was airing while I was reading it. Now I'm wondering if I should watch "We Never Learn"


BoB - Mount and Blade's Companions

For this month's blog prompt “The Company You Keep” I'd like to take a look at the companion system in Mount and Blade: Warband and why it works so well. Mount and Blade: Warband's companions have backstories, stats, gear...


First post so I'm just going to link a classic youtube video and see what happens.


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