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I am back baby and have two sons! Ppl are asking us if we are going to try for a girl, like, my wife just had a baby on Friday..no? lol Two is what we want, PLUS, I have two sons so when you gamble and hit the jackpot twice do you keep gambling?! lol.


Was told to check this place out, so here I am....checking this place out!


Do you Invert?

As far back as I can remember, all the way back to when analog sticks and joy sticks were introduced to me in the video gaming world, I have always felt compelled to invert my Y-axis (vertical) settings in order to play and I dont know why...


Play Ultima 4 in Your Browser (My Cousin Did This!)

I just found out through Facebook that my cousin through marriage, Blair Leggett, a computer systems analyst at Zynga (yes Facebook games) who used to work at EA, has ported the entire game of Ultima IV so you can play and save in any Flash...


Dead Island Announcement Trailer

This sent tingles down my spine and I think this is an amazing video that evokes some emotions. This game has been on my list since like 2006 or when ever it was brought to life. There is not much more I can say besides: Just watch.


iRok2 - Youtube, Last.fm. Guitar Hero Everything!

Not the best header and I have not written anything in almost a year I do believe BUT after reading the daily local news I stumbled upon some neat video games news! A group in Kelowna BC, Canada (woot) created this website http://www.irok2...


FREE Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Beta Code Giveaway

Well I have two beta codes kicking around, one for buying inFamous and the other for being in GAP and the funny thing is I actually can't give away the GAP one (fine print) which is weird so I'll give away the pre-order one! So what would...


Save The Dolphins, Freezing Water!

Just saw this on the news at work and I read up on in! The Dolphins followed a school of fish into a bay, they are assumed to be hungry. A storm came in and they now have became stuck due to the water freezing them in a little area just 10...


Nine Things You Never Knew About /\/\ix!

Totally jumped on the bandwagon here, I was going to make a list with ten things but damn I had nothing to write in 10.... 1) Besides video games, car stereos are a huge passion of mine and I actually had a complete car stereo before I ev...


Small Contest: LBP Kratos Costume/Package Giveaway

After trying multiple time to net a Nariko costume for my GF via a trade I have decided that it is time to give away my spare Kratos costume pack code on the best site evar! So I will post a link below where you can go to enter to win at ww...


Murder Based on a Movie? Probably VGR!

A 25 year old man in Rome tried to stab a priest to death, this man told police that he was trying to imitate the movie "The Da Vinchi Code".......Now I know what you are thinking holy crap, not a video game? More can be read about this ne...


You Can Win A G.O.G. Beta Access Key!

Well I just got a special invite code from Good Old Games.com for a friend to gain access to the beta and since Destructoid is full of nice people I thought I would give it away. First person to Paypal my account with $50 and send me a pic...


Good Old Games - Awesome And Easy

For those of you who signed up to the Good Old Games (GOG.com) Beta check your e-mails as the fun has begun! I checked before typing this and I could not find anything on GOG about discussing the beta as I did with Resistance 2 so hopefully...


GI Joe Sword: Storm Shadow (NVGR)

When my girlfriend and I drove to Spokane for some vacationing we visited one of the (3?) malls. Walking around, spending our Canadian coin I stumbled upon this awesome sword and pretty much crapped my pants, so I bought it. This blog will...


Rumor: Alternate Ending for MGS4!?

Found an article on Playstation Beyond that mentions an alternate ending to Metal Gear Solid 4! This supposedly hidden ending will become available 6 months after the release of the game, December 12. It also goes to mention that updating ...


A Cast of Thousands? J.C Denton

Now I'm not sure if this follows the correct "theme" but I typed it all up and would hate to see it wasted...lol Plunge the earth back into a dark age, rule the earth with an invisible hand or rule the earth by becoming a dictator with inf...


Estimated Value of _______.com? (NVGR)

This might be a pretty weak blog post, but I thought it was kind of cool and knowing me this is probably something that was found last year and I just happened to have found this a few minutes ago. This site allows you to type in the addre...


Tales of Etrian Odyssey-Contest Whoring

I don't expect anyone to read this blog because when the contests have you creating a Cblog there are usually a billion posts and 85% of them just suck, so I am trying to get into that 15% range...............trying (Epic picture was not w...


Obligatory: My Stuff Blog, Lots 'O' Pics!

Still in the middle of unpacking from the move from renter to owner but that doesn't mean I can't take pictures! I live with my girlfriend now so she has contributed to my collection of stuff as well and we've been together for coming up 5 ...


Worst/Funniest Midnight Sale!?

I know this will be a shock to some but yes, this is about Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Futureshop was the only retailer in town to offer the sale of GTA at 12:01am this morning, I received my copy at 12:18am. Now this is the first time I have ...


Anyone need a MGO beta Key? (winrar!)

I got a spare kicking around. Just off the phone with Konami help and the guy game me a proper 12 digit code as I had a bad 9 digit one. Then about 3 minutes ago I finally got a reply to the e-mail I sent with another code attached. If yo...


Baby Jim Sterling?

So I recieved one of those "Hey, everyone at work would totally LOVE this e-mail" e-mails from a co-worker and in that e-mail I stumbled upon, what I believe to be, an image of Destructoids very own Jim Sterling when he was a biter and not ...


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*Epilepsy warning for the video* I reinstalled Super Still cant clear levels other than No desire to try clearing hardest (and hardestestest?) at all since I made the mistake of using the music as a Begin/Again?

Jinx 01

The one good thing getting me through lock down has been getting to spend a lot of time with my am so freaking lucky, shes an amazing


Wait, if games are becoming too large to fit on a single Blu-ray that requires the rest to be downloaded then why not make them multi-disc? Why do I need to waste data on that?

Voltaic Owl

Happy anniversary, Pisskan! I hope you and yourself have a great time!


Mario Maker 2 Map


Nintendo really knows how to sell me games lol :3


Wanted to say “birthday” instead of “anniversary” 🤣 Fuck: my english isn’t improving with the years lol



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