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One more recovered NDSL. Device was with the bad bottom touch screen, was put a new one and now works perfectly.


While the design of the new bookshelf is not ready, we will tighten it to fit.


Small toothbrush display, now fits Snes cartridges. Now they don't fall.


Organizing the console cabinet is already lacking space.


NDSL Restore. Defective device bought very cheap. I had problems with both screens and the damaged housing. It was all changed and now it's like new.


This is an exclusive console from Brazil. It is a clone of the NES, only it rotates both 60-pin and 72-pin cartridges, just by sliding the cartridge inlet cover. It was also painted with gold paint the normal is all black.


One more painted console. This one was painted using black automotive paint. And the controls had the same treatment.


Another custom game, this time a SNES Baby. The console was well yellowed and scratched.


There were some devices that were in poor condition, scratched and yellowish in the case of PS1 and SNES. So I decided to give them a new face.


Hello! Today we have the saga to try to bring back to life a 3DO FZ-10. A console that appears to have been in the water, and was in a pitiful state. The battery leaked, slightly corroding the circuit board, several damaged capacitors and a lot of rust. S


Device well treated badly. It was not giving image, now it is perfect, after changing the cartridge slot. Now clean and tidy and the collection increasing.


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