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Time to get into Steam World Dig 2. The first one was great, here's hoping the sequel is even better 😊


Watched the Lego Batman Movie for the first time since watching it at release. It's so good. What's your favorite batman (movie or otherwise)?


Celebrated Super Mario's 35th by playing some Super Mario World. Man I love that game


I'm giving up on cave story. I'm just not having fun with the back to back boss fights for the normal ending. Not even gonna try for the best ending, watched a play through instead. Not sure what's my next game, maybe Moonlighter.


Started playing Cave Story+ this morning. I really like it so far. And my wife was dancing to the music so that's cute


Had a dream last night about nintendo selects for switch. When do you all think they'll permanently discount some first party switch games and how much do you think they'll cost? I think next year for $30


All I can think when I see this show is "what kind of controller is that?" nes plus extra buttons and the cable looks like a USB connector


Picked up dead cells in the nindies sale. I'm enjoying it so far but I'm pretty terrible. Not sure if I'll be able to get very far with it


Started playing Bastion this weekend, so far I like it well enough but my wife dislikes it just because of the voice-over guy. Also remembered to visit ACNH for the fireworks last night, it was cute


Finished Guacamelee 2 last night! Now to go back and 100% the map. It was a fun playthrough and it didn't take too long at all (~15 hrs)


I'm 60% through Guacamelee 2 and really enjoying it. Does seem like it might be a little too similar to the first one but it's been a few years since I played Guacamelee.


Watched Hamilton, wife and I both gave it a 7/10. Liked the music but I'd already listened to the soundtrack a couple of times. It always bothers me how much of the dancing you miss in a filmed version of a stage show.


Been playing less ACNH recently but I'm excited to go swimming. Getting back into splatoon 2 and KQB. Played a little ninjala but it hasn't grabbed me. Haven't really been able to get into Mario+rabbids either 🤔


Finished cuphead over the weekend, it was a good time but quite frustrating and felt like I was just lucky many times I finished a level. Loved the art and music though


Finally got a great turnip price (421) and I'm happy to share, not sure how to link communicord though. Might just post my dodo code here


Whelp, trials of mana demo crashed on my switch. First time I got to see that error


Played my first quick session of dauntless friday and almost drowned in menus trying to join my coworkers. Don't see myself spending much time on it going forward


My turnip prices are sinking this week after I hit 380 last Friday. Any help appreciated :)


I prayed hard enough and now bunny day is finally over!


I can finally see how long my friends have been playing ACNH for (this is one of my favorite things to do). Congrats parismio on top playtime from my list!


Big increase in playtime last month, launch of ACNH is when it really took off. Wife and I played almost 9 hours on Sunday.


Wife finished her March critterpedia last night after finally catching a stringfish. I missed stringfish and sturgeon, whateve. Having fun collecting eggs and flower petals today


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