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My googling isn't working, anyone know of a game where you control a swarm of pixels and you try to surround the other colors to convert them to your color. Just colorful pixels on black background with some map obstacles


I played a lot more days in January. Still not as many hours as last year when I started splatoon 2 but it's better. Moving has been rough this time around


Do you all find howlongtobeat.com to be accurate?


Hit a pothole and fell off my bicycle last night, ripped my jacket+sweater and busted up my wife's bike pretty bad (I've been riding it since my bike's seat broke off). Then on the bus this morning realized the battery in my switch was dead 😭😭


Finally started Cuphead. All I can say is: 😍😍😍😍😊😬😭😑😘😍


Favorite movie: Wreck-it Ralph Favorite live action movie: Dr. Strangelove Favorite musi-cal: Lion King Favorite movie theater experience: Watching trailers before Lego Batman (see comments) Looking forward to the oscars, seen 2 nominated movies this


Played snes online for the first time with my buddy for his birthday. Super tennis is impossible. Super soccer is surprisingly good despite the player switching. Super Mario kart is right there with SMW on top of my nostalgia list


Played killer queen black last weekend with 8 people on 2 switches and the lag was very noticeable. Of course they release the 8 ppl 1 system update after I went through the pain of setting that up and probably turned some people off the game


And in other news I've gotten back into hollow knight this week. I'm happy to be making progress unlocking stuff again. I gave in and allowed myself very specific searches (ie "hollow knight double jump") really trying to avoid walkthroughs


Was inches away from pulling the trigger and buying Mario Kart 8 DX but somehow resisted. Even went as far as to buy and load a discount eshop card (from raise, can I post my referral code?) Already played it a ton on wii u and can't pay more than $30....


Been in a bit of a gaming rut recently. Been really busy looking for a new apartment and then moving/painting/unpacking and then holiday travels. Looking forward to getting back into a routine in the new year. Overall had a great 2019 in gaming!


Took a break from super metroid (first NSO game I've been spending real time with). I've been playing through some more of the celeste farewell, super hard but I'm not stuck yet. Also playing killer queen black and splatoon as internet is available.


Started the new season of fortnite this past weekend. Killed a bunch of bots and won my first match. Squads was still a mess so I think I'm ok with the bots for practice. Not sure if I'll play much more than last season (I guess I already have)


Killer Queen Black is out and I am very satisfied with my first 2 matches. Even got to play with some on the discord channel in one of the first matches right after launch. https://discordapp.com/invite/killerqueenblack


Tried to play the celeste dlc. Spent 6 hours finishing the summit b side I apparently was in the middle of the last time I played 😭


So I finally decided to finish BotW. Was kinda surprised at how easy Ganon was after everything (although I had been warned). Still love the game and will keep playing. Most emotional moment was seeing Satoru Iwata at the end of the credits πŸ˜₯


Just got a "Games Power" backup battery pack that plays games. Mostly so that I can play Marios 6, 10, 14 and 16. So far Mario 6 seems to be a looney toons game. What other wonders exist in this list of 300...


Been a couple weeks since I posted, still playing a bunch of splatoon, got back into hollow knight for the bus ride and played a little botw after watching that polygon cooking video (A+ btw). Just got muddledash as a new party game, hilarious good time


Anyone else dying to know what fortnite's B.R.U.T.E. stands for? Best I can come up with is Bipedal Robotic (something) Transportation Exoskeleton


Made it back from vacation and survived the return to work. Played a lot of switch with my friends on vacay, overcooked 2, lovers, Astrobears, runbow, maybe more. The none switch owners were really into tetris 99 which is fun for me every now and then


Been playing mostly Splatoon 2 and SMM2. Still feel like I'm in the early part of my splatoon enjoyment even though I've already put in 65+ hours. Could easily see that reaching close to BotW and Fortnite. Haven't been as into SMM2 as expected, still fun.


I've been super hooked on Splatoon 2 since my friend loaned it to me, playing most days for a few hours. Still working my way through Hollow Knight during my bus ride, just got the ground pound ability!


As Greg noticed, I "relapsed" last night with fortnite. Got some more levels on my battle pass but still need to get some more v bucks before I can really feel free. Back to playing lots of splatoon 2. Considering trying to find a league to play with...


Just finished undertale. Still hooked on fortnite (and embarrassed about it). Need to get back into BotW and Hollow Knight.


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