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Finally got a great turnip price (421) and I'm happy to share, not sure how to link communicord though. Might just post my dodo code here


Whelp, trials of mana demo crashed on my switch. First time I got to see that error


Played my first quick session of dauntless friday and almost drowned in menus trying to join my coworkers. Don't see myself spending much time on it going forward


My turnip prices are sinking this week after I hit 380 last Friday. Any help appreciated :)


I prayed hard enough and now bunny day is finally over!


I can finally see how long my friends have been playing ACNH for (this is one of my favorite things to do). Congrats parismio on top playtime from my list!


Big increase in playtime last month, launch of ACNH is when it really took off. Wife and I played almost 9 hours on Sunday.


Wife finished her March critterpedia last night after finally catching a stringfish. I missed stringfish and sturgeon, whateve. Having fun collecting eggs and flower petals today


Pink hair unlocked now we can sleep happy!


AC:NH locks my wife's pink hair color behind many thousands of miles. 6.5/10


Is Animal Crossing just BotW minus combat? Thoughts in comments


Started watching Game of Thrones the other day. 3 episodes in and I'm starting to get into it.


Playing Killer Queen Black last night I had a pretty good couple of games with a trio who were all chatting. They said I was not inept and should change my name to EptMelon. Funny thing is my name is based on misreading of my initials: ETP


What do people think about BotW2 release date? I'm feeling strongly like it's this year but my most solid evidence is that Nintendo Minute keeps playing BotW recently 🤔


Saw the Frozen Broadway show last night, it was great


Late in posting this but I had a pretty good weekend. Started off playing games at lunch Friday with my coworkers, then we had a team building pizza party at 3pm where I was able to convince enough people for a full 4v4 KQB game. Saturday I saw Parasite.


My googling isn't working, anyone know of a game where you control a swarm of pixels and you try to surround the other colors to convert them to your color. Just colorful pixels on black background with some map obstacles


I played a lot more days in January. Still not as many hours as last year when I started splatoon 2 but it's better. Moving has been rough this time around


Do you all find howlongtobeat.com to be accurate?


Hit a pothole and fell off my bicycle last night, ripped my jacket+sweater and busted up my wife's bike pretty bad (I've been riding it since my bike's seat broke off). Then on the bus this morning realized the battery in my switch was dead 😭😭


Finally started Cuphead. All I can say is: 😍😍😍😍😊😬😭😡😘😍


Favorite movie: Wreck-it Ralph Favorite live action movie: Dr. Strangelove Favorite musi-cal: Lion King Favorite movie theater experience: Watching trailers before Lego Batman (see comments) Looking forward to the oscars, seen 2 nominated movies this


Played snes online for the first time with my buddy for his birthday. Super tennis is impossible. Super soccer is surprisingly good despite the player switching. Super Mario kart is right there with SMW on top of my nostalgia list


Played killer queen black last weekend with 8 people on 2 switches and the lag was very noticeable. Of course they release the 8 ppl 1 system update after I went through the pain of setting that up and probably turned some people off the game


And in other news I've gotten back into hollow knight this week. I'm happy to be making progress unlocking stuff again. I gave in and allowed myself very specific searches (ie "hollow knight double jump") really trying to avoid walkthroughs


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