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Anyone else dying to know what fortnite's B.R.U.T.E. stands for? Best I can come up with is Bipedal Robotic (something) Transportation Exoskeleton


Made it back from vacation and survived the return to work. Played a lot of switch with my friends on vacay, overcooked 2, lovers, Astrobears, runbow, maybe more. The none switch owners were really into tetris 99 which is fun for me every now and then


Been playing mostly Splatoon 2 and SMM2. Still feel like I'm in the early part of my splatoon enjoyment even though I've already put in 65+ hours. Could easily see that reaching close to BotW and Fortnite. Haven't been as into SMM2 as expected, still fun.


I've been super hooked on Splatoon 2 since my friend loaned it to me, playing most days for a few hours. Still working my way through Hollow Knight during my bus ride, just got the ground pound ability!


As Greg noticed, I "relapsed" last night with fortnite. Got some more levels on my battle pass but still need to get some more v bucks before I can really feel free. Back to playing lots of splatoon 2. Considering trying to find a league to play with...


Just finished undertale. Still hooked on fortnite (and embarrassed about it). Need to get back into BotW and Hollow Knight.


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