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I'm really good at this game... Sorry to my gear teammates


Started playing Splatoon 3. I like that I can play either anarchy battle mode by myself. More chances to play clam blitz!


I've been playing more games recently which is nice. Kinda all over the place though. Played TMNT, Ori, spiritfarer, and fall guys. Having fun with all of them


Just finished playing turnip boy commits tax evasion. It was cute and nice and short. Also I'm pretty excited about fall guys coming to switch, feel like I missed out on that one


I've been playing stardew valley for the first time. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Just seems like a lot of stuff is unexplained


I just started a new save in BotW. I couldn't bring myself to delete my original playthrough so I used a new profile. Already filled up on weapons before I got to the first shrine.


I've kinda given up on playing my gamepass games since I rarely get a chance to play on the TV. So I'm back to playing on switch, just started boxboy + boxgirl which is fun so far


I'm pretty excited about Tunic but I think I'll finish up Unpacking first. Unpacking is a short game but being short on time means I've been working through it for a couple weeks now.


Been having fun playing through Unpacking. Interesting way to tell a story


I'm surprised I don't have more hours on 3DS since I used to play it on my commute everyday before I got a Switch. Wii U Netflix usage in the comments.


I beat the second boss in Sparklite. I'm not loving it so I decided to take a break and try Earthbound. I'm not into turn based rpgs but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


I finished my second run through Celeste. It was pretty nice not worrying about strawberries. Next up I'm gonna try Sparklite. I don't really know what to expect


Well I took another shot at it and I finally beat Dread. I really liked it. Might be my favorite Metroid game yet


I got pretty frustrated trying to beat the final(?) boss in metroid dread so I started a new save file in Celeste. Not going for many strawberries this time. Hopefully I can come back to Dread later and finish it.


I played through DKC and LttP on NSO but I had kinda forgotten about that. Lots less time to play games this year compared to last


Metroid dread progress update: I believe I have all the upgrades so I'm going back to get all the collectables before the final battle. Just got a really tough one in Burenia that I'm proud of


Still working my way through Metroid Dread. Some of these boss are frustratingly tough


I started playing Dread once I was able to get my wife to part with ACNH. So far I like it, still getting used to the controls but the main thing bothering me is that the map only colors in the square I've entered and the squares are too small


I finished Samus Returns tonight. It was a fun time and had its moments of difficulty. Now is the question, do I continue playing through the story with super metroid+fusion or do I call it and just start on dread now?


Been slowly working my way through Samus Returns. I haven't experienced the hand cramps that caused me to quit last time. Just finished getting all the upgrades I think. Overall I'm enjoying it.


Finished Metroid last night! It was really fun after I got a few upgrades. It was a good challenge. Next up Samus Returns.


Beat kraid in metroid. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would based on the first few deaths. I'm starting to get the hang of it


I want to play through the 2d metroid games but I'm having difficulty starting with metroid. Looking for a good guide. I'm planning on using NSO save states and rewind to the max


Finished Link to the Past! It was a pretty fun time, harder than I remembered. Used the NSO rewind function and save states kind of a lot towards the end. Not sure what one item I'm missing but I guess you don't need it to beat it.


Still working through Link to the Past. I'd been trying to get by without a guide but I needed it to get the last 2 bottles and now to find the entrance to the 6th dungeon


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