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So excited for tomorrow. Both Monster Hunter and It Takes Two come out and much co-op joy will be had


A brief appreciation for modern consoles being region free because I unknowingly ordered a Portuguese copy of a ps4 game that thankfully was just auto changed to English due to my console language. So, thank you, powers that be for no region lock


So the meeting I was anxious about is pretty much just "Here is how the University HR department is fucking over you guys specifically". So, less hours, stricter rule enforcement for us, no more employment after graduation. Stuff like that.


Boss sent a meeting invite to "All student/temp staff" to discuss "important updates" on a friday afternoon... So, naturally, I'll be filled with anxiety for the next day and a half


Tuesday is Donut Day for us around here! They know how to make some amazing donuts


It feels like anytime I'm at home, I'm just slightly sleepy at all times. It's making it difficult to get into any games and pretty much do anything because I always feel like I need a nap. But of course always wide awake at work


I've been playing Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair as well as Blue Fire and I'm reminded again how awesome indie games can be


Damn, I'm super excited for that Ff7 upgrade. I'm so glad 60fps is starting to become the norm, at least for now. Also, the bridge of spirits game looks so amazing


Outriders is looking more fun than I initially anticipated. Looking forward to trying the demo out, seems pretty generous


Happy Friday! WandaVision is the most anticipated part of my week for now, so that's got me excited, and I'll finally be able to listen to the sweet music of David Wise once I get started on the Impossible Layer. I bet the game itself is fun too!


Valheim is fun. I know it's a good one for me because it actually keeps me awake where most other games, my sleepiness overpowers any desire to keep playing. Not everyday I find a game like that


After an extra long weekend it's hard to bring myself back to the office, but the Nintendo direct is giving me something to look forward to, so I'm grateful for that alone. And then it's just thursday and friday before the weekend. One day at a time.


Turns out the donut place I was waiting for the weekend to visit also starts visiting my campus at work, so I bought a set, can't wait to try em out


Picked up the Ps5 today. Obligatory comment about how freaking huge the thing is, but I'm having fun with it. Demons Souls is waiting for me to start it, but I've mostly just been taste testing all the various features


Best Buy says the PS5 will be ready Sunday but took the money this morning after the initial authorization hold. Probably means nothing but I do hope they have it ready earlier if possible


Trying to do all the side quests and Heart-to-Hearts in Xenoblade for the first time. I missed out on a large amount of fun dialogue/side stories by just brute forcing my way through the campaign


Was able to snag a PS5 thanks to Best Buy's slow rollout to curb site overload. Picking it up Jan. 31st, and am very excited! Demons Souls and Sackboy are up first on my PS5 list


I'm glad they put auto run in the remastered xenoblade, there are some extremely long distances between landmarks like in Eryth Sea


I'm replaying xenoblade on the Switch now and I just really love the new models so much. Finally taking the time to savor the game and actually doing side quests this time around


Got my second raise in less than a year! Boss wanted to add on $3, but got approved for $1. Still not bad, and grateful to get one at all.


Back to the office again after a week off, very jealous of the work-from-home phone testing job the fiance just got. I played so many games, but now it's back to less free time :(


I finished Doom Eternal, and I honestly see it as just as good as 2016, just different. Never played such a satisfying FPS before. Also makes me want to play Metroid Prime


Giving Doom Eternal another chance after initial release and having much more fun with it. It's very satisfying gameplay, though I am sad my PC can't handle a stable 1440p144fps for it, I've been spoiled


I love gamepass so much. I had to sell my xbox for bills a couple months back, but since I can just log into my account on PC, it's still used. Also just started Yakuza, already enjoying the premise


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