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Took some focus supplement and managed to make some decent headway in Sekiro. Got murdered on Ishina Castle unexpectedly by a flying enemy that screamed the whole time. Will try and upload a clip, it's hilarious


Today is one of those days where it feels like time is going by extremely slowly at work


Happy Wednesday - Currently thankful for my coffee working and wishing I could use this temporary energy boost to plow through more Sekiro


Taking a break from Sekiro to play some Vermintide 2. That game is so fun, but serves as another remidner that try as I might, the Warhammer universe lore is lost on me. Fun as shit co-op though!


Finally beat madame butterfly! Didn't use a snap seed either, since I lost them all in the many many many attempts to kill her. I missed that satisfaction


Playing Sekiro. Found a fire bull, got my ass handed to me. So I explored more and found madame butterfly and got my ass handed to me. So I explored more and found a blue armor guy and got my ass handed to me. I've run out places to run to!


Happy Friday, everyone! Currently hopped up on some caffeine and wishing I was at home to use this energy to get further in Sekiro


Just finished installing my first 1440p 155hz monitor. And I just witnessed 144fps for the first time. It's hard to describe. But it's absolutely beautiful


I spent a chunk of money on my PC a couple years ago, but ended up not really using it much. But now that my boyfriend got his own gaming laptop, I've played more in the past week than I've done all year. It's exciting :))


BF gets his first gaming computer delivered tomorrow. I think the thing I'm most excited about is finally being able to play Left 4 Dead again, with someone I know


I was so excited for the weekend, thinking I'd be gaming a decent amount, but at 7PM on sunday evening I realized all I did was watch Netflix and eat take out :( I'm at a standstill with my backlog now


Darksiders 3 is another example of where I overwhelmingly disagree with the internet's concensus, this is by far my favorite Darksiders and it has the most satisfying combat by far. I'm so relieved it did well enough for Gunfire Games


Finishing KH3, I get the same feeling I got when I finished launch-version FF15: This did not feel like the game they wanted to ship


Awww, they're gonna restart Metroid Prime 4 development from scratch. But at least it'll be with Retro Studios moving forward. I know many of the team from the past games have moved on, but I think many people will find it comforting


The announcement I have been waiting literal generations for: FFCC remastered confirmed!


Switch pro controllers pre orders are up. Mine says delivery date pending :(


Why must I get stuck on this Java homework. It's stressing me the hell out which makes it impossible to enjoy videogames so I try harder to understand it but then I just get MORE stressed out


I really want to continue my RE playthrough but this FUCKIN JAVA PROGRAM JUST WON'T WORK WHY AM I SUCH A FAILURE


So Bloodborne is...fun, in a way. But I'm not seeing what makes it GOTY material. But I guess the gameplay is popular for a reason


That lightning dodging crap in FFX is by far the worst "sidequest" ever conceived.


So disappointed in the ending of a certain Wii U JRPG. How frustrating


I think I will legitimately need glasses by the time I finish Xenoblade


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