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Happy Friday, everyone. Planning on some more classic FF7 this weekend and reading more of Alice in Borderland. Loved the Netflix show so now I'm reading the manga


I'm playing through the beginning of OG FF7 with the fiance, and it's interesting to compare it to the remake. It definitely makes me wonder how they're going to pace out the rest of the remake, but at least the original is still really fun to go through


Tried making dango yesterday and it was kind of a disaster. I massively undercooked it and also most likely put way too much flour because I have never baked from scratch before. Tasted like I bit into play-doh :'( Gotta try again soon


It's pretty funny how the moment you can save up money something happens that wipes it out. Ha ha :(


Attack on Titan ended its manga, so it's been fun going through the reactions


I always wanted to try Dango thanks to Clannad, but Monster Hunter Rise has a way of making me want to actively go out and make my own. I keep imagining a sweet squishy chewy ball and I need it


Fixed one of our Vita's issues. A flickering/slightly glitchy screen. I would say I'm an expert hackerman now but I just had to push a ribbon cable down a bit to fix it. Was slightly misplaced I guess where the pressure of the backplate misalinged it abit


It Takes Two was a really special game. Though it would be funny playing with anyone other than your SO due to some of the QTE moments, but the gameplay is very top notch and well made.


Today started off a bit rough, first work issues now I seem to have lost my key, locksmith charging $280 for a replacement + programming. Rough but not as bad as the dealership would be. Stuff happens, just gotta roll with it


Always fun to walk into work during a situation and knowing you're only a few seconds away from having to get involved :(


I get so used to how long it can take to bring a monster down in MHRise multiplayer that I'll play solo and accidentally murder the monsters instead of capturing them. Always bums me out lol


Monster Hunter World got close, but I think Rise is the first game where I truly "get it". It's at a place with all the QoL improvements where I finally see myself playing as much as others. Also, I suck at it


It Takes Two is amazing. I absolutely love the gameplay and it reminds me of Banjo Kazooie in alot of ways, like going small to kill a destroy a boss machine


I'd forgotten that the Banjo Kazooie amiibo comes out today too! I was able to snag a pre order on Amazon before it like blipped out of existence until earlier this week when they charged me. Haven't bought an amiibo in a bit but couldn't resist a Banjo


SO wasn't paid today due to who knows what error, so that was a sucky way to start the day. Luckily I got paid normally so I can support us until they fix it. Time for Monster Hunting and It Taking Two this evening :)


So excited for tomorrow. Both Monster Hunter and It Takes Two come out and much co-op joy will be had


A brief appreciation for modern consoles being region free because I unknowingly ordered a Portuguese copy of a ps4 game that thankfully was just auto changed to English due to my console language. So, thank you, powers that be for no region lock


So the meeting I was anxious about is pretty much just "Here is how the University HR department is fucking over you guys specifically". So, less hours, stricter rule enforcement for us, no more employment after graduation. Stuff like that.


Boss sent a meeting invite to "All student/temp staff" to discuss "important updates" on a friday afternoon... So, naturally, I'll be filled with anxiety for the next day and a half


Tuesday is Donut Day for us around here! They know how to make some amazing donuts


It feels like anytime I'm at home, I'm just slightly sleepy at all times. It's making it difficult to get into any games and pretty much do anything because I always feel like I need a nap. But of course always wide awake at work


I've been playing Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair as well as Blue Fire and I'm reminded again how awesome indie games can be


Damn, I'm super excited for that Ff7 upgrade. I'm so glad 60fps is starting to become the norm, at least for now. Also, the bridge of spirits game looks so amazing


Outriders is looking more fun than I initially anticipated. Looking forward to trying the demo out, seems pretty generous


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