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Bf was kind enough to replace the keyboard I managed to break. Time for more clicky clacky times!


I'm replaying through Nuts and Bolts for the first time since I got it in 2008. Man, this game was special, it just came at an almost I possibly bad time. It would have been cool to see what they would have done with this if it was better received


The third Steven Universe game is exclusive to Apple Arcade, and thus, Apple devices. And has a surprise launch right now. That hurts deep :(


Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair on sale for $10 instead of $40? Fuckin yes please


Currently in that post-game & post-show void of nothingness where I can't decide on what I want to play and watch next, but everything I try just doesn't feel right


So I spilled a but of water on my mechanical keyboard while cleaning up, now the V and space bar don't register. Any tips?


I wanted to thank those of you who gave me tips yesterday for my shadowing of the engineers. The day is going well, most of it was spent doing inventory, but they're very accepting. It's not a guaranteed job offer,but I hope they find it easier to hire me


I work in IT, but only like extremely basic troubleshooting, and only software related. Tomorrow I start shadowing the Engineers and I am going to feel like a complete fraud and fish out of water. Fake it till you make it, though, right?? I hope...


Luigi's Mansion 3 has some of the most charming animations Nintendo has ever done. Feels like I'm watching a Luigi-focused Pixar movie at times during the opening cutscenes


For the first time in almost 2 years, I'll have an actual bed to sleep on instead of a sleeper sofa. BF and I are so excited. Though it's so exhausting having a sales person try and convince you to buy every single thing


Aside from the silly hurricane prep like water, food, and gas, I'm doing what really matters and charging my portables for the Long Nights. ... And also the silly stuff.


Used to be kinda excited for hurricanes but now I can't afford any more days off so pleeeease stay away from South Florida :( oh dear god the heat if we lose power


So I worked on my app project. I presented it to my Launchcode mentor, and NOW I have 2 weeks to study another language for a live-coding test as well as add onto my app. I'm just so mentally exhausted with this, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it up


Started back on Destiny 2 on PC. Loving the 60+ FPS, but I need to play with others cuz playing can get pretty tedious. Though I am just trying to get through the story at the moment, so I should be fine until the endgame


I made my first "app"! All it does is make your input text into that SaRcAsM text from the spongebob memes, but it's still exciting to see something I made actually work, even if useless


I finally got the SO to go through both the numbered Xenoblade games. I love seeing the reactions to the story twists and turns. Also both games have some really awesome ending songs


For the very first time as an adult, I find myself just completely broke. Will be eating lots of rice and beans for a few weeks, but on the bright side, I'll be working on my backlog some more instead of buying something. There's always a bright side :)


Divinity 2 is such a treat of a game. This is the first time in a long while I find myself itching to get back into a game's world as much as I do here. My favorite parts are just the dialogue options, honestly. Finding out what to say


I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and my bf insists I can't discuss it with him so I'm in that post-game void where I can't move on and also too late to join the discussion


Just got to the final chapter of xenoblade 2. The opening cutscene for it is... Exciting to see!


Finally beat Hallow Knight after owning it for like a year. Very fun, but difficult game. And there is clearly lore there but I absorbed roughly 1% of it. Now I'm playing Xenoblade 2, that I got on launch day, but never touched till now. Loving it so far


Regarding the Mario Maker 2 online news, I think Nintendo bases their online design on the rules that a wishing monkey paw has


I swear there is a cosmic force that senses when you're saving up for things because this morning both of our cars decided to have very expensive issues happen to them, separately, at the same time


This is very 1st world problem, but: Just got a Samsung TV for a decent sale yesterday. Maybe I'm just spoiled by non-edgelit screens, but apparently its normal for them to have these white clouds of backlight spill through the corners, and its nuts


There's always this moment in the day after my coffee where I get super motivated to play ALL the games and get home to dig into one of the many games I haven't finished. Then I get out of work, get home, and realize I'm too tired to really invest myself.


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