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SO and I got vitas just a few months back, but his is already doing this screen flickering thing. Anyone have any experience fixing it? I know it'll require opening up the back :(


Today really sucks. Reading gaming discussions is my escape


There are two games that I keep reading about that I feel like I need to play recently due to the sheer amount of posts: Hades and Among Us. All through memes or posts praising them


I don't know how I keep managing to miss juuuust enough coins in Mario 64 levels so that I end up with 98/99 with no other way to get more


I really like Bojack Horseman. But it's hard not to imagine it all takes place in the Animal Crossing universe


We're required to be in the office, but there's literally nothing on the calendar 99% of the time. So I have to find various ways to make time go by quicker. I read that Final Fantasy X 2.5 novel. It was... better than the audio drama at least


So 3D World is listed as having online play available. Honestly genuinely surprised, that'll be really fun


https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/1301505239930089473?s=19 Ohhh man


I know it's gonna give me the worst heartburn imaginable and yet I buy another order of Buffalo hot wings. It just goes so well with my gaming :(


Been playing alot of games recently, and it's been nice. Watching the bf play KH2, both of us playing Crystal Chronicles, and me playing Jak and Daxter after. I missed these games alot.


As excited as I am to replay Crystal Chronicles, the multiplayer decisions are very disappointing. Not being able to travel together is a pretty brutal decision. Hard to feel like a caravan of players when multiplayer can only happen in dungeons.


My excitement for Crystal Chronicles remastered is what's kept me going. After that it's Pikmin 3. I'm definitely trying to escape into nostalgia recently, lol


You know what one of the best feelings is? When you show someone you care about a game you love and they love it as much as you did.


Currently watching Weathering With You, finally after waiting ages. It's as beautiful as I expected


Have made substantial progress in Outward, but wow the game really is hands-off with letting you know pretty much anything. I failed an apparently timed quest and lost my hometown and certain skill trainers.


Recently found this guy MeatCanyon (well, small group of people) on Youtube, recommended to me after watching the Spongebob Anime. His stuff ranges from just funny (this one) to pretty dark, but it's usually funny either way. This one is a favorite for m


Bit the bullet and got Outward(again) on PC. The splitscreen on PS4 just wasn't up for it, and now it's like playing a whole new, much better game. I'm still garbage at it, though. Like, haven't even gotten magic yet


Started playing Outward with my SO yesterday. It's really rough around the edges, but it's the most fun I've had in a Co op game in a while. Very difficult at first


Have become so desensitized to the bad news that I completely forgot a hurricane is supposed to swipe us this weekend. In true Florida fashion, no one really cares lol, can't say I'm concerned either. Just doing the usual bring stuff in from outside chore


This is a work of art, seriously


Today took a turn for the absolute worst in my personal life. Just emotional stuff and relationship stuff, but it's an extremely difficult evening. So I'm here, trying to vent a bit, and get lost in game news for a little


In an empty office setting up PCs to image with a wireless ear piece headphone to listen to the Xbox conference while I work. It's pretty sweet


It's only been barely a week but I already feel kinda depressed being in the office all day. I just wanna go home and still have energy to enjoy myself before I get tired and start it all over tomorrow.


Damnit, SO and I were so sure we'd be getting full paychecks this week, but were surprised with a tiny amount this morning. We'll be joining all the others in having rent trouble this month after all. But we'll get through it!


Sometimes I focus my energy and anger on the wrong and dumbest things. Here's to hopefully learning from it


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