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Is it sad that right now my wildest realistic fantasy is just landing a job with benefits? Seriously, I've had to miss work a few days due to an emergency and my "part time" status where I work 37 hours a week but get no paid time off is wearing me down


Finished customizing mine and SO's switch and controllers :)


Got Youngblood on the Switch, expecting the downgrades, but yikes, it's rough. Should have gotten it on another console. BUT, also got Torchlight 2 and that thing plays like a dream on Switch. Feels like such a natural fit


Playing Age of Mythology for a nostalgia trip and Jesus do I suck at strategy. I feel like I take an hour longer than intended to even get going


The ordeal of my Switch screws is over, and now I have a pretty Switch...but now my Pro controller is looking a bit...dated. I'll never learn


I've finally done it. I don't think I ever want to do it again


The Dragon Quest movie was surprisingly amazing. It was what I always imagined game movies to be like when I was a kid. Loved the ending, in particular


Day 5 of Screw-gate: I managed to remove a second screw yesterday. The motivation led me to continue on to the third, which proved even MORE difficult to move. So now I sit at work hacking away at a tiny screwhead


I managed to get ONE(1!) screw out of my switch with the extractor set that I bought specifically for this. So I know it's possible, but the other 3 are extremely stubborn. This is gonna take all week. I just wanted a red back panel :(


Anyone have any tips on removing the tiny screws on the Switch? I'm not sure how it's possible to NOT strip those things


Had a rough weekend, but was excited to get my custom Switch backplate in the mail... until I found that the Switch screws are so soft, they strip extremely easily instead of moving. That's what broke me and gave me a bit of a breakdown


Finally got some new joy con! Though it's very annoying that they don't sell them individually new or as same color sets. I wanted two Dark Blue ones, but had to get it with the neon yellow. Thankfully SO got the neon red and dark green so we swapped


Oh dear lord, having ANY issue with your FFXIV account is such a nightmare to navigate. I just want to play again :(


Invited friends over for a fondue night. Cleaned up really well and bought wine. But they cancelled last moment. Not gonna lie that stung a bit. At least I have videogames with my SO


Just learned the guy that made the music for Made in Abyss (GREAT anime, good manga with ... odd... content at times) was heavily inspired by Metroid Prime. Makes sense. He did an amazing job


Have food poisoning for the first time, spent the night rushing to the bathroom over and over, and yet I still gotta get into work because no paid time off and I can't afford to be sick :(


I thought we would have finished Dark Souls 3 by now, but jesus that Ringed City DLC is giving us a challenge that I haven't felt since I first started playing Souls-type games


Not sure why, but for the first time in so long, I was able to play a game almost nonstop, completely immersed, with my SO. Though to do it at all is unusual. Maybe it's a sign of better mental health. I hope so, at least. Dark Souls 3 is reaaaally fun


Having that post-vacation, new-year existential dread and feelings of "what's the point!". Always a fun one. I just really don't like the 9-5 grind right now :(. But Mario Maker 2 and Dark Souls 3 PC have been small beacons of distraction at least


Playing through Octopath now since I was lucky enough to receive it from the SO. Lemme just say, after seeing how beautiful this engine was, why didn't Square immediately announce remakes of their old games with this engine? It would be amazing


Since Christmas eve and Day fall in the middle of the week, I'm here at work for "day where no one does anything cuz Christmas eve is tomorrow and the school is closed" day


Getting coins for the laundromat is always such a tedious process, and of course I forgot my Switch D:


Aww man, Crystal Chronicles got delayed to summer 2020. That's such a bummer, but as long as it's all good when it does launch, I can wait


You know sounds like nails on a chalkboard? I think I get the same reaction from hearing someone mash buttons on a game controller with no audio from the TV to supplement it.


Bf was kind enough to replace the keyboard I managed to break. Time for more clicky clacky times!


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