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His name is Baldr and he likes yowling for pets and breaking figurines. He's cool


Got into Resident Evil 3. Dodging is quite difficult, much less landing a perfect dodge, but it's fun so far. Keep salivating at the thought of getting Bioshock switch, but can't afford it thanks to half hours. I hear it performs beautifully on the Switch


Happy Friday. Well, I hope you have a happy Friday, but it's been a rough week, for lots of people. I hope you guys have a great weekend


Crystal Chronicles out on August 27th. Really was hoping it was going to be an early summer game, but it's coming, finally. My most anticipated upcoming game, for sure.


I seriously have no attention span as an adult. I miss being able to plug into a game for hours and immerse myself, now adult responsibilities at all hours make it extremely difficult. But seeing posts here and online gives me hope that I can do it again


It was super nice seeing a Pixar short that I could see myself in :) happy Tuesday, I hope the week goes well for everyone. I'm playing a game called Soul Sacrifice. Oh and phantasy star comes out on pc this week! Super excited to play with my cousin


I've been sleeping on alot of these Amazon Originals. This time I'm into Undone. Very odd "animation", but the plot is intriguing enough. As for gaming, Borderlands 3 seems like the likely candidate for the weekend


Watching Upload today. It's like a weird combo of The Good Place and Black Mirror concepts. Though there is a mystery element that I really enjoy. I definitely recommend it


SO's vita came in today, so I've just been setting things up for when he gets home. Having the OG and the Slim side by side, both are beautiful pieces of tech in their own way. Slim is just physically sexier though


Happy Friday, everyone. Been a week, but I always enjoy coming here to see what the community is up to. This place is my virtual chill area


Anyone have a confirmed recipe for Blue roses in New Horizons? This "breed hybrid reds together(via purple and orange roses)" is making me skeptical


Today's unpopular opinion day? Ah, I participate enough whenever Breath of the Wild comes up :p Making my way though Deadly Premonition. It has such a cozy vibe to it. And the music is so out of place but it works in a weird way. The whole game, really


Vita softmodded for custom themes and simple PSP emulation. Oh and sd card cuz screw the absolutely still disgusting memory prices


Finally got my Vita! Trying to install some custom firmware and keep encountering issues. So taking a break. It came completely scratched up, but then I noticed it was on a screen protector. It's actually like new underneath!


Bought Deadly Premonitions on a whim last night based on recent internet word of mouth. So far its my kinda cheesy. Like Silent Hill had a baby with Resident Evil's campiness


I thought Ff7 allowing you to replay chapters post game would be convenient. And it is, to a point, but it's lame being forced to go through those slow walk sections that can't be skipped like a cutscene


"I'm gonna 100% FF7Remake!" -Me, naively thinking I could handle the freaking combat simulators.


Two enemies I never want to fight again(FF7R), because I can't seem to learn: Sahagins and those damn sewer crabs.


Never played a Half Life game before, but I keep watching the trailer for Black Mesa and getting hyped, so that's probably what I'll be buying after I 100% FF7R


The combat for each character in FF7R is so good, you could make a full game with any single one and I'd never get bored.


Just finished Wall Market. I think this is the point in which I say the remake is so worth it. The dancing mini game alone was just stunning, and that's besides everything else.


I remember a time when I could stay up as late as I wanted, but now I swear I'm in a perpetual state of feeling sleepy, and it gets so annoying when I just wanna enjoy games


I got Borderlands 3 for PS4 thanks to a Best Buy deal, and wow this game just feels so much better than any other Borderlands. Guns actually feel satisfying to use


I was hoping this show from Pendleton Ward on Netflix would interest me, but.... It doesn't. The first episode lost me pretty quickly.


SO and I just imported our own Vitas from Japan. Figured we might as well grab them while they're still relatively easy to obtain. Gonna see what I can do with them, softmod wise, they're really cool


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