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How to make a sequel.

Ok, so you created a brand new IP and it sold reasonably well enough to receive funding for a sequel. But now what do you do? You already blew your creative load all over the first game and covered its face with your gooey ideas. How do you...


Why FFXIII is the worst one EVAR!

Final Fantasy was an instant classic ever since the first game in the series (Final Fantasy VII) came out. But since then the games quality has been in a slow downward spiral and has gradually fallen out of the graces of its fans and turned...


Gaming DIY.

At one point or another weíve all done it, weíve all sat there playing a game thinking ďwow, I wish I could do that.Ē Well now with the Gaming DIY program you can! With our exclusive program you can recreate your favourite characters, moves...


Why was I not informed of this?!?

Ok, so last Friday I was lazing around and decided to check out the playstation store for a demo or something to keep me busy for an hour or two. Lo and behold, buried under a slew of FIFA content and the heavy weight of the God of War 3 de...


The Scandalous Scam of Samit Sarkar!

Ladies and gentlemen weíve been had! After using my contacts and going undercover in the criminal underworld I have discovered that weíve all been played for fools. We are nothing but pawns in an elaborate game of chess that has spanned mon...


Valentineís Day, Shmalentineís.....Shmay.

Ah Valentineís Day. Love, romance, intimacy.......or, if you live in the real world, depression, loneliness and isolation. True love, or as itís also known The Greatest Lie Ever Told, has been portrayed in games many times, taunting us with...


In the name of SCIENCE!!!

I havenít been too active on Destructoid lately, mostly because my computer broke, then I got sick and vomited for a few days, and then my computer broke again, in fact at the time of writing this Iíve caught a cold too, Iím starting to thi...

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Get a new look at the Gaming Salon!

Hey you. Looking for a new style? Do you crave the kind of unique hair styles found in your favourite hobby? Do the people at your local barber laugh at you when you bring in a picture of Wakka? Then look no further because at the Gaming Sa...



So I heard Thanksgiving is this week in Americaland. I was going to write a blog about things in games Iím thankful for but then I realised that would be a bad idea because (a) I really like games and I would go on forever. (b) Iíve never...


Moments that made me question gaming.

I think itís safe to say everyone here loves games. I for one love them with a passion, there is not a day that goes by without me at least thinking about games. But thatís not to say that loving them has always been easy, there have been t...

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Lose weight now with the gaming diet!

Hey you. Yes you. The one with the low self-esteem. Tired of seeing game characters that are fitter than you? Has all that doubling down taken you to round town? Well worry no more because with the gaming diet you can gain the figure of you...


Game lessons that donít work in real life.

Like many of you Iíve been playing games from a very young age. Throughout that time I picked up many values, morals, and methods that Iíve tried to apply to my everyday life. A lot of them......donít work. So for both your education and en...


The NPC survival guide.

If you ever find yourself in a game, this comprehensive guide will show you how to not die a horrible, horrible death. For those of you that donít know (shame on you) NPCs are Non Playable Characters, the extras of the gaming world. Weíve ...


Memoirs of a MiniĖboss

I hate my job. Hard work, long hours, low wages and bad company. But this is the life I chose.... the life of a MiniĖboss. The other day a friend asked me ďSo what exactly do you guys do?Ē it was then I noticed how hard it is to put it in...


Gamings greatest (sort of)Irish characters.

Did you know that some of your favourite game characters are Irish? Well thatís because theyíre not, but these ones are, and this is a list of them. 1 Nina Williams Ė Tekken Thatís right the leading lady of Tekken is Irish. Of course y...


Are we hypocrites?

It may just be me but thereís a trend stating to develop in the gaming community that Iíve started to notice. Every month or so either some idiot will hurt someone or break the law and games will somehow be blamed, or some film director wil...


introductory blog-a-ma-thing.

Oh hey there, hows it going?... you look nice today... did you get a haircut? I just joined and I thought Iíd introduce myself. Lets see... Iíve been playing games pretty much my whole life, since my Commodore back in the day to my ps3 now ...


About Handyone of us since 1:44 PM on 09.14.2009

Welcome to the blog.... you must be bored. anyway im Handy, I'm a student in Ireland and I'm here to talk about whatever may come into my mind....so not much then.

Lets see... Iíve been playing games pretty much my whole life, since my Commodore back in the day to my ps3 now Iíve been hooked. Actually come to think of it I canít remember a time I wasnít playing games. Canít say I have a favourite genre, I like to try a bit of everything, though I will go to town on a good RPG. Iíll have something to fill in this space as soon as my life becomes interesting.

^^^ Seriously, I wrote that like four years ago and still nothing interesting has happened.

Like everyone else on Destructoid Iím at a loss on what to fill this space with so I guess Iíll just catalogue my greatest hits, if you can call a loose collection of lists and borderline pornographic fanart ďgreatest hitsĒ.

Listmania Ė Because liking something isnít as important as liking it in the correct order.

Game plots that are clearly rip-offs: Part two

Gamings Greatest Slinky Invisible Women with Huge Asses

E3 Approaches: The E3 survival guide!

Something about E3: 34 things youíll have to hear soon

Lost? Lonely? Looking for Love?

Gamingís worst legal guardians

Gaming DIY

Valentineís Day, Shmalentineís.....Shmay

Get a new look at the Gaming Salon!


The NPC survival guide

Game lessons that donít work in real life

Fanart Flops Ė Because you must suffer.

Fanart Flops: Back by (Un)Popular Demand

Fanart Flops: Eyebleach, I Choose You Edition

Fanart Flops: Octopus Hojo Edition

Fanart Flops: Stop Raping My Childhood Edition

Fanart Flops. (Possibly NSFW)

Wankery Ė The terrible results of when I pretend Iím smart.

Dear Industry: I Am Not a Psychopath

Final Fantasy Versus Itself

Only Human

The culture Gap

Sargasm Ė Because Iím kind of a dick.

Darksiders 2 in a nutshell

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

How Dare You, Capcom

Death to Red Shepard!

How to make a sequel

Why FFXIII is the worst one EVAR!

The Scandalous Scam of Samit Sarkar!

In the name of SCIENCE!!!

Front page Ė When Destructoid has terrible lapses in judgement.

Top 12 Videogame porno parodies (NSFW)

Handyís X-mas X-travaganza begins now!

Game plots that are clearly rip-offs

Comments of the Week: Busst Stop

Comments of the week: George Michael Warfare 3

Donít forget Comments of the Week

Comments of the Week: Tinfoil Hat Edition

Just because.
PSN ID:Handy2


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