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Here you go.


More PS5 save transfer nonsense.


If anyone was afraid that you'd have to buy those $220 expansion drives on Series X/S fear not. This is the transfer time (minutes) from moving Assassin's Creed Origins (49GB) from different drives.


New feature for folks that hate waiting for games to load. Edit: Feature is available NOW apparantly. Just went to Xbox app and every game I tried (5) were available to download. Be aware I'm in the preview program.


Seeing stuff like this has made my whole day.


With Series S at $300 and PS4(D) at $400 will the majority of console owners be digital?


PSA: If you're planning on getting a Series S to play backwards compatible games then be aware that the S WILL NOT apply any One X enhancements to the game. Meaning you're going to get the One S version of the game.


I'm back into paper MTG since about Tempest.


Veterans on D-toid AAFES has the Animal Crossing Switch up. Link in comments.


Took close to a month to arrive but was worth it. I personally hadn't seen a FF6 soundtrack with a slip cover until finding this.


Sega not playing around and wants folks to buy this game.


PSA: Nier Automata is $19.99 for Gold members on the XBL store.


People going nuts here in the MO.


Let's go!!!


MTG fans what are your thoughts on Wizards announcing Pioneer?


Imagine turning down $220M and $190M... Not about the money for Kawhi Leonard. #sportsball


Congrats Canadian d-toiders.


RIP backward compatibility updates on Xbox One. At least we got all the Splinter Cell games and Asura's Wrath as a send off.


DICE LA... That's all I needed to see to get my hopes up again.


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