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Had my 4k monitor arrive tonight. It's like getting an instant remaster on a chunk of your (older) library. Bioshock infinite looks mind bending.. was wandering around the intro in the city drooling. Can't believe I'm playing this. Trying Abzu next.


So.. HUGE update. I ended up buying Groundhog Day II - AND - putting 20bucks in the holiday jar. Amazingly Groundhog Day II isn't that bad. The vulgarity is a little off, but such is life. I'm planning on writing a song about my experience when I finish.


Shall I buy this Groundhog Day sequel for PSVR? I mean it looks kind of pants - but I actually really want to try it. Maybe I should just Chuck another 20 in the holiday jar?


Touryst (mini) Review - Switch

A lot of people seem to want to hear about the new indie game The Touryst for Nintendo Switch - but there's not much out there. Bought the game on release so I'll give a very brief impressions: I've never heard of the publisher/develop...


One of my favorite Switch games is "Scrolling Through the Great Deals Section" on eShop. I have enough games to last me 3 years already.. but can't stop adding the odd game.


Surprised no-one or nowhere is talking about Monkey Barells on switch. Outside of a Dtoid preview haven't seen 1 review or mention. It's brilliant: great ps1 style visuals & fantastic gameplay. Made by the guys who made Yoshi & Kirby games previously.


Was so on the cusp of getting blasphemous on switch - spent a fortune on games this month. Was really wishing they'd have a pre-order discount on it. Thought what the heck: cashed in some coins and got it just after midnight release. Today it goes on sale


Mario Maker 2 -lifehack. Heads up if you haven't bought Mario Maker 2 yet. Target are giving away a free metal lunch box with it for free. Not sure if they still have any left - but you can sell it on eBay for 30/40 bucks to offset the cost of your gam


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