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Not a shitpost, just a fun fact: The BlazBlue soundtracks are on Spotify now for anyone interested.


You don't seem to understand. Earth isn't yours to conquer.


I heard Witch King Malekith had an eight pack. That Witch King Malekith is shredded.


I can't believe I'm being arrested for tax evasion. I don't even pay my taxes, how can I evade them?!


Okay, but what video game would I wanna play to capture the vibe of the "incendiary" scene from Dredd?


I have abandoned this shell of flesh and ascended to the great majesty of obsessively playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses again.


Got up. First thing I did was fall down the stairs. Seems about right.


Steam recommended me a game where the premise is running from a yandere... why would you run? Sure, y'know, the whole murder thing is a factor, but also... uh...


Okay, but Hellsing Ultimate sounds like a $60 re-release with all the DLC added.


You people are a bunch of nerds. Where would I start if I wanted to get into Kamen Rider?


So... uh... that Gentle Criminal fellow was delightful.


Lupin III: The First was a lot of fun. Kinda derivative of Castle of Cagliostro but that's not a bad thing whatsoever.


I'd really like a Highlander game. But a good one.


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